Iraq War Vet Has The Perfect Solution for The Disgraceful Veteran’s Affairs Scandal

Iraq War Vet J.R. Salzman writes and podcasts about military affairs, so he’s the perfect person to come up with a practical and just solution to the terribly scandal plaguing the Veteran’s Affairs Administration:

What do you think? I’d donate money to any politician who sponsored such a bill!! Follow J.R. on his Twitter account for more wise thoughts on the military.

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  • BigGator5

    I like it!

  • pcboss55

    At least make them fill out all the paperwork and set an appointment for a physical… see how many years that takes them…..

  • R Kersey

    Well, the politician will tell his Chief of Staff to make the appointment. The CoS will call the head of the VA hospital and say Senator So and So wants an appointment. A limo will drop So So at the front door, where he will be immediately be ushered into an exam room with a doctor.. About an hour. All the while a seriously injured vet will be sitting at home waiting for notification of an appointment that he requested months before. Power and Privilege n the USA