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More! Clay Aiken Also Deleted Tweet About Wanting to Punch Congresspersons ‘In The Throat’!!


So far today I’ve discovered that North Carolina Democratic candidate (and American Idol loser) Clay Aiken deleted a tweet about wanting to punch Ann Coulter in the face, and another one asking his followers to call her the “c-word.” But we’re not done! Thanks to some help from fellow blogger Prudence Paine, we’ve been able to discover that Clay’s violent extremism also extends to members of Congress!!

Here’s a reconstruction of the tweet he tried to cover up!



There was a fan of his that edited the tweet a little and reposted soon after:

And of course, his dedicated fans posted on various forums like this one:


Here’s another.  And anotherAlso here too. 

It’s beginning to look like maybe Clay Aiken has some anger issues! Put this also in the context that Clay has made the domestic abuse his mother suffered at the hands of his father as part of his campaign, and it really makes you wonder what’s rattling around in his head.

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  • Pat

    Looks like he’s just the right type of person to serve in congress….unfortunately he’ll win with the Kardashian and Honey BooBoo watching public.

  • BigGator5

    Class act, that Clay Aiken.

  • SpiritK9

    The public better be careful if he gets to be a congres-critter. He’ll start writing laws for free sex toys to go along with the welfare checks, or punch you in the throat if you don’t agree.

  • One of the sadder aspects of deviant-behavior-as-normal is the eternal taint that has been imposed by the world upon the nevertheless glorious Rainbow.

    I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. ~~Almighty God, Genesis 9:13

  • CaroleH

    The Conservatives are digging up every thing they can to discredit Clay Aiken. He is one of the kindest, caring gentlemen I have ever met. Did you never when annoyed make a comment that was taken as fact? His behavior is anything but deviant. He just plain doesn’t like stupid and makes no bones about it. Clay Aiken loves his fans who are mostly women. Honestly, anyone who believes that BS about him needs a slap upside the head.