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How to Utterly Destroy a Liberal With Facts and Math in 12 Tweets

So I caught Obama’s former Car Czar wildly exaggerating the statistics behind violence in Central America that is driving illegal immigration to the United States. Even after Steve Rattner admitted that he screwed up, liberals keep pushing the lie. When I pointed this out to one MSNBC contributor, Colonel Morris Davis, as with most liberals, he just couldn’t face the truth.

This is where he cited Steve Rattner, with a jab at Christians:

Of course, fellow liberal idiot Goldie Taylor mindlessly repeated it:

What follows is a lesson in absolutely dismantling a liberal when the facts and math are on your side:

He responded:

Ah, “it requires doing math” apparently, but he didn’t do the same math for the New York City stats. What he did, was try to come up with any reasoning to justify Rattner’s wildly exaggerated stats, even after Rattner himself admitted they were wrong:

Notice the correction has two retweets, but Morris’ tweet has 52. The lie propagates itself because Rattner wasn’t honest enough to admit his mistake on air, but was happy to spout off the falsified statistic to a national audience.

But this is when it gets good. Even after I show Colonel Davis that he’s wrong about the stat, AND I show him that Rattner himself admits it was false, he stubbornly persists in his error!

By the way, in order for his statistic to be right, Hondurans would have to live 79 years on average, 4 years longer than Americans. Which means we should be racing out there to live the good life. Anyway, even though many of us kept showing him how he was obviously wrong, he continued:

Notice before, he said you just needed to do math, and then he said he didn’t do the math – but he obviously did, because he tried to justify Rattner’s number in a way Rattner never did.

After having shown how he was wrong many times over, this was all he could muster in response:

After that, it was pretty much over.

Even after all that, he still can’t admit he’s just plain wrong. Unfortunately, this is typical for liberalism – it doesn’t matter how wrong they are, their politics are a matter of belief, not verifiable facts.

Out Of 57,000 Unaccompanied Kids Arriving Illegally Since October, ONLY 1,254 Have Been Returned!





  • Alec Leamas

    Also, if the murder stats are the cause of kids (why kids primarily?) fleeing Honduras, it still doesn’t explain the 80 or so mile trek through half as murdery Guatemala, and then several hundred miles through Mexico which isn’t shown on the chart.

    Also, NYC isn’t the murder-happy place it used to be and one can only assume it is a stand-in for “high crime part of the US” – why not compare to other truly high crime cities?

  • BigGator5

    Those pendejos don’t like facts!

  • BigGator5

    Because Stop And Frisked has ended, the shooting is actually going up.

  • Jim

    You know, if you study Hondurans for their entire lifetime, you’ll discover that living in Honduras has a 100% mortality rate. No wonder they’re so desperate to leave.

  • I found the same mortality rate for the U.S. too. Strange how nobody gets out of life alive.