2nd Amendment

all damn day TRS

This guy exercising his 2nd Amendment right to defend his store in Ferguson is AWESOME

all damn day TRS

If you ever wanted the perfect example of why Americans need 2nd Amendment protections, just look at Ferguson overnight when the looting started back up. Here are some pics:
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ALL DAMN DAY!! I might have to make that t-shirt for sale.

It Looks Like an Eyewitness Livetweeted the Shooting of Mike Brown
  • NRPax

    Sadly, this should have happened on day 1 but it’s nice to see the store owners taking care of things.

  • BigGator5

    This is what I call “gun control”.

  • Andy Capp

    All Damn Day

  • Crabtree

    Now THAT is what I call a “Rainbow Coalition”!

  • IrateScientist

    The sad fact is that they will get indicted if they shoot anyone. It is illegal to shoot looters.

  • megapplefritter

    Notice the lady coming out doesn’t seem threatened by the guys with the openly-revealed guns.

  • Kevin Underwood

    I love these guys. we need m ore of em. I would never own property in an area of such. but if I did , I would have all my guns ready.


  • Coldsteel1983

    What crisis? People defending their property? No.

    People running amok, stealing, pillaging and burning? Sounds like a a crisis. We may even have a serious situation when #2 meets #1.

  • Sabreur

    Excellent. Good luck to them. Will the politically controlled state police now protect the looters against the owners?

  • Sabreur

    She should be happy to be able to walk safely to her car then drive home.

  • Misanthrope

    Anyone care to bet once the rioting is over the cops and prosecutors go after these guys? The citizenry must not be allowed to think it can make do with much less government.

  • devan95

    Hope when things are cool there that these guys go to the border….

  • devan95

    Indicted maybe. Convicted? No. Especially if the looters have weapons too, which includes Molotov cocktails….

  • devan95

    Post of the day!

  • richard mcenroe

    Jay Dixon will try.

  • Lyle Petersen

    Nike should sign this guy to an endorsement deal.

  • Big-Kahoona-Burger

    It’s uplifting to see shop owners taking care of their businesses with whatever means necessary. What better than exercising This should have from happened from the begging, being that is is a bad neighborhood the right to bare arms, I’d love to see more of this in bad areas of town through-out the USA.

  • AI338L

    Stand tall guys.

    We have your back.

  • Xen Mistress

    On day one through three they had faith in the cops. Day four and they learned. And he gone stand to protect his business “All Damn Day”…That shirt is about to sell like crazy.

  • Xen Mistress

    ACLU will be there tomorrow to argue that looters have a right to loot without fear of being shot.

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  • Hey Obama this is what the 2nd amendment is all about including against your Tyranny.

  • Wolf Moon

    Shoot the Molotov cocktail the moment it is lit. Let natural consequences teach the thrower and those within 6 feet.

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  • nathan

    Aim for their heads.
    Worthless rioting welfare loving SCUM stealing from honest hard working citizens all deserve what they get.