michael brown

It Looks Like an Eyewitness Livetweeted the Shooting of Mike Brown

michael brown

The Ferguson shooting that has dominated the headlines was apparently live-tweeted by an eye witness who has yet to show his identity. The account is under the name “TheePharoah” on Twitter and posted a few pics from the day of the crime, as time-stamped by the service:




There’s no mention of an altercation between Brown and the policeman, but there’s no reason to think he saw the interaction from the beginning. Also, he points out the rumor that he had been accused of stealing “rellos,” a slang term for cigars.

Via Rolling Stones’ Tim Dickinson

‘This is Katrina!’ Hysterical Missouri State Senator Berates Governor With Expletive-Ridden Tweets

    Question on the time stamp though: Twitter uses PST? …Shooting allegedly occurred around noon, his first tweet was about 10:00.

  • Wow, Bruh, wow.

  • KarmaKiller

    Autopsy will show if he actually was shot in the back. Not sure what to believe

  • ElbethL

    I don’t think there’s a universal timestamp for Twitter. IIRC, you can fix yours to local in the settings. Lemmie check. …Yup. I have mine set to local time. So.

  • I’m east coast and just noticed the other day mine was set for Pacific Time.

  • ElbethL

    So maybe the default is PST, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is going to leave it on the default.

  • Regardless of why, they cannot shoot a suspect running away who is unarmed. Is there audio coming from a microphone on the officer or in his squad car? I have not heard anyone say, although I just have not watched these news conferences too much.

  • Seola

    Unarmed does not equal not dangerous. Running away is out of context. Did he struggle for the officer’s weapon? Some witnesses say there was a struggle, no knowledge of why. When he ran, did he say he was going to shoot the cop (even though he had no gun, the police wouldn’t know that)? Did he say he was going to get revenge? Go and get backup? By all accounts except the kid who was with him – the one that had just robbed the store with him – there was a struggle with Brown in the officer’s window. Answer me this: How did Brown get in the cop’s reach if the cop never left the car at first?

  • I understand all of that. Is there audio? If there is, then we will have a better grasp on what happened. I have no dog in this hunt – however – I did not like seeing the military-style forces unleashed in a metro area with the police intimidating anyone. While I thought it was funny when they tear gassed Al Jazera (because of who they are), the showed no respect for anyone. Fifty officers aiming their guns at women walking along the street alone. What is someone fires by accident?

    Brown is not a good guy. That video shows he is NO “gentle giant.” It shows me he likely did something to piss the officer off. Did he go for the gun? I don’t know. Audio tapes should exist. Almost all police have some recording going on now.

    It’s okay to wait on the evidence to draw conclusions. We don’t have to go overboard, coming out with an opinion early and often, just to make sure “our side wins” the discussion. Bad policing is bad for everyone.

    My point, the police are often great guys. Sometimes officers with guns go rogue.

    Let’s get the story here.

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  • Xen Mistress

    Not looking good if first two were in the back.

  • Syrakelly

    There is a pic of him on the ground.
    There is no blood on his back.

  • serena

    entrance wounds sometimes are neat and “clean”-and the exit wound is ragged.bloody etc.

  • Dandee

    Maybe he ran after the altercation. We still need to wait for all the facts. I’m sure there’s plenty more to come out.

  • Austin Dudley

    in Ferguson, the cops have no dash cams, no personal cams, no recording device… .after this incident, they all removed their name tags so they could not be identified… all seems fishy…. even the video is fishy… its fishy because you can’t make out his face, he doesn’t appear to be wearing the same shoes as the video and why would an attorney for the other guy allegedly with him in the store let him admit being in the store and not be charged…. No charges what so ever, and his attorney made no mention of a deal… just all seems fishy.. I’m not rolling with the video until someone other than ferguson police and a guy who admits being there but not being charged identifies him as being the guy in the video… PERIOD!!!! Feguson got everything wrong about this incident… from letting this dude lay on the ground for over 3 hours to having military equipment and artillery pointed on its citizens, to the news conferences… This is crazy

  • The witness needs to rehearse his story better. One shot occurred inside the police car some 35-40 feet away from the final shooting. The witness claims Brown was shot 9 times at the final location. How many rounds does the Ferguson Police officer have in his gun?

    Did the witness see the original altercation where the officer attempted to exit his car after stopping Brown and another person and Brown slammed the door on his leg or where Brown got into the police car and began beating on the officer (verified by hospital that treated him for facial wounds) and attempted to get the officer’s gun?

    Michael Brown was six feet four inches tall and about 280 pounds. Did he turn on the officer at the location of the final shooting and attempt to attack him again? His actions are not rational, given that during the entire sequence, the officer was issuing commands to Brown to surrender peacefully.

    A toxicology report will be released on Brown once it is completed to determine if Brown was on any drugs.

  • aliswell

    From what I’m hearing elsewhere, Brown was grabbed by the cop through the cop’s window and Brown then punched the cop in the face, then ran. All this after ignoring being told to quit walking on the street and forcing cars go around them and walk on the sidewalk instead.

    Brown was a punk thug. Too bad his parents didn’t think to teach him manners, honesty and respect. If they had, he’d probably be alive today. Now all they’ll do is blame cops and whitey instead of looking inward as to where they went wrong.

  • This image clearly shows enough of Brown’s back to expose any blood from two entry wounds by a 9 mm or whatever the officer was carrying. There is no blood or any indication of any damage to his back.

  • There was more to it than that. Brown got into the police car and punched the officer and attempted to take his gun. It discharged inside the car. The rest is being pieced together and released as the facts are learned.

  • The Volleyball God


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  • Loren Piller

    Hit a cop in the face in his patrol car! Yea…that will get you killed. What drug was that kid on to be that stupid?

  • el_polacko

    his accomplice in the store robbery has admitted that it was, indeed, the two of them who are seen in the surveillance video,

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  • nickshaw

    Apparently, Bruh knew Brown had stolen cigars within a short time of the shooting.
    Anyone else find that weird?

  • Nope. People talk. His accomplice knew what happened and he was there. People talk.

  • Derrick Thompson

    You really believe that he got into the Police car? Multiple eyewitnesses who don’t know each other have told the same story for the most part. The Thug Cop initiated the contact when he tried to get out of the car. Now depending on the eyewitnesses viewpoint. Some say Brown pushed the door back, others say the door hit Brown and went back to the cop who then became enraged. What all of the eyewitnesses who saw most of the encounter are saying is that Brown ran but because he was already shot he stopped, turned around and said “Don’t shoot” “I give up”. The Thug Cop then walked/ran towards Brown and put 6-8 more rounds in him. Now that’s what people who were there have said so how you come up with your fantasy is beyond me.

  • So far, the stories have changed several times, even the other person who was with Brown, and a recording of one conversation captured on a cell phone by a witness says Brown “bum rushed” the cop who was yelling “STOP!” One voice says he was “this close” (can’t see how close he was indicating since it was an audio) and the officer started shooting since Brown wouldn’t stop. This is the behavior of a person on drugs, which is probably why Brown stole the Swisher Sweets, they are often used for smoking crack and marijuana.

    Justice will be slow, but eventually the facts will come out.

    I wasn’t there, were you?

  • Robo

    A full size 9mm Glock can hold upwards of 17 rounds.

  • Yep, and a wash tub will hold THOUSANDS….It is all irrelevant now, he apparently had enough to stop the charging 6 foot 4 inch 300 pound Marijuana doped up Brown. It took six hits to do it with his 9 mm, where only one or two with a .40 cal or higher would have done it quicker and not forced the officer to fire so many rounds, some of which could have endangered the public.

  • Matt Lusk

    Awesome, he deserved to get shot, the courts don’t work anymore so time to just kill ’em, leave ’em where they lie. Hang horse thieves and gang members.

  • James From Miami

    To aliswell, after reading your stupid nonsensical comment, I have decided that when I see you walking on the side of a street, I am going to put my arm out of my car’s window, and grab you by your filthy neck, and shirt, and see if your parents actually taught you any manners. And by the way, I am not going to care if there isn’t any sidewalks on either side of the street. You do know that most neighborhoods in the south do not have side walks, right. It doesn’t matter, I am still going to teach you a lesson anyway for been a boot licking retard, and an awful human being, who thinks that it is ok to murder someone for walking on the side of a street. After that, I want to see who are you going to blame for your own decision of walking on the side of a street. Is it going to be the cops, and whitey? Oh, and since you have no problem whatsoever with this crime, and you chose to defend the criminal, only because he wore a badge, just remember that you have put a curse on yourself. And that curse is called karma. And karma is a m0th3r fvck3r, you worthless satanic troll.

  • James From Miami

    So, do you want a medal for your conspiracy theory? Or a cookie?

  • James From Miami

    You are so full of hatred in your heart. And also full of sh!t.

  • James From Miami

    The only one lying is you, old man. And you, and your ilk, knows very well that there is no justice. And there will never be any justice on any stolen land. Your justice is a false justice. A fraud. And you know this very well, don’t you, you devil. By the way, you need repent to God for your evil thoughts.

  • James From Miami

    Actually, you troll, the courts always worked for devils like you, but they never worked for everyone else. This fraud of a case that never made it to court, is the perfect example of that. But you already knew this, you evil breed. Karma will be knocking on your door, unless it already has. Enjoy your trip to hell, you demon.

  • James From Miami

    To The Volleyball God, do you feel better now after getting that evil thought out of your mind, and your heart? Remember karma, you devil.

  • James From Miami

    To Loren Piller, well, then by that same stupid logic, if you hit a non badge wearing citizen in the face, in his, or her non police patrol car, then that should get you killed. Badges don’t grant extra rights. When are all of you boot lickers, and copsuckers, ever going to get it? You ignorant people are a huge part of this problem.

  • James From Miami

    To nickshaw, of course, he was obviously following them. But why didn’t these dirtbag pigs said that at the beginning of all of this mess? That is what I would like to know. If they had said that the pig was trying to arrest these guys for stealing those cigars, then maybe things would have been different. They were lying to all of us from day one, and manipulating everything so that they would be able to protect that scumbag murderer. It is all so obvious. All of those evil satanic people are going straight to hell. By the way, there is a very interesting video on YouTube that shows that same pig harassing, and arresting somebody for filming him. That pig is not just a liar, but also a real piece of sh!t.

  • James From Miami

    To Soopermexican, what the fvck does your comment have to do with nickshaw’s question? Were you high when you made that stupid fvck!ng nonsensical comment?

  • James From Miami

    And we all can see now why so many things seemed fishy about this whole case. Lies and manipulation. They, the powers that be, did all that in purpose because they were trying to create a nation wide race war, so that they then could declare martial law, and turn the United States into a totalitarian dictatorship. But it’s ok, all of these devils will get what’s coming to them eventually for all of their crimes, not just this one here. Peace out.

  • Enoc Hiram

    Just sayin I ain’t no cop but if a nigga punched me in the face while i’m in my car for no reason I would shoot ’em.