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This Is One Of The Saddest, Most Pathetic Questions A Reporter Has Ever Tweeted

If ever you needed to see just how utterly far removed from common human experience “journalists” are, I have the best example you’ve ever seen. After last night’s rioting, shooting and general pandemonium in Ferguson, Missouri, one of the journalists now famous for being arrested at the McDonald’s was looking for evidence around the city, and posted this unbelievable tweet:

ryanJreilly earbuds

I actually saw this and passed it over, thinking it was a joke. It isn’t.

This guy is a reporter. He actually WRITES stuff to inform OTHER human beings about what OTHER human beings are doing. How could you POSSIBLY do that with any kind of accuracy if you’ve never even SEEN earplugs before? Not only has he never fired a gun, or done a day of work in his life that requires earplugs, he’s never even BEEN AROUND people who do!!!!

I’m speechless. Well, I mean, not really I just wrote a bunch about it.

But DAMN. Dude. Seriously. DAMN.

UPDATE: My followers are hilarious:

rearfender-rubber bullets

 Man Shot At Ferguson Curfew Protest; UPDATE: Shooter Was a Protester
  • It sure is sad what passes for “journalist” these days.

  • BigGator5

    I am at loss for words. I have never seen rubber bullets, but I know earplugs when I see them.

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  • Press Watchusa

    Of course not

    They are DUNCE CAPS for journalists with tiny brains

    or Hats for d—heads!

    Here’s a tip you dope

    GOOGLE IT! –

  • Maus

    “OMG! Look at that poor guy over there! He got hit in both ears with rubber bullets, and they are STUCK! Quick, get the camera! We need to interview him!…. Sir! Sir! Can we talk to you?….”

  • Maus

    It’s sad that a typical product of a “journalism school” could probably identify a butt-plug but not an ear-plug.

  • Kauf Buch


  • damorris

    What a laugh! What a goof! Here you go,Ryan:

    Rubber bullets,as used by the Brits in 1960’s Ireland riots,are about the size of a potato.

  • Heavy_Fuel

    Personally, I like to use the frozen tater tots for slug rounds, more stopping power.

  • jy kelly

    I wonder if Ryan J Reilly knows how to spell, IDIOT.. This is so sad that this person can pass himself off as a real jounalist..

  • Heavy_Fuel


  • Logical Meta

    Yes, yes they are. They’re actually cop-killer rubber bullets meant for full-auto high-capacity assult Saturday Night Specials, you tool.

  • Despiser_of_Libs

    No amount of Education can overcome Liberal stupidity..

    Reminder: If you want the media’s help in holding your elected officials accountable, make sure they’re all Republican.

  • Despiser_of_Libs

    He is currently awaiting acceptance into the JournOlister top 1000 club.

  • Rick Shaftan

    He spelt Ferguson wrong in the Hashtag.

  • Despiser_of_Libs

    see directly below

  • disqus_BktOMwqkBg

    It could have been worse, like when the Des Moines policy used “non-lethal” rounds to subdue a man. They thought they had loaded bean bag shells in the shotgun, but they used door breaching rounds intended to blow out a dead bolt. The rounds put a window through the man big enough to put a hand though and unlock a chain.

  • MoIIy_Pitcher

    Good work Skippy…how about you just put those in the—err— evidence trashcan, and go wash your hands?

  • Guest

    You spelled “spelled” wrong. “Spelt” is a grain.

  • Ben_Ghazi1

    What an idiot. Everyone one knows those are “assault” rubber bullets.

  • banshee


  • banshee

    Lol! Though it’s really not funny.

  • banshee

    In Canada and Great Britain it’s spelled “spelt.”

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  • Tom G.

    I wore those things regularly, day after day for decades, in the course of my regular job as a farmer, when using loud equipment. I still use them to mow the grass at my little place.

    I can’t wait for this dope to tweet a picture of work gloves.

    “What are these? Some kind of nefarious cop equipment?”

    “No. They’re work gloves.”

    “Oh? What’s ‘work’?”

  • arnonerik

    If I ever get shot I hope and pray it is with an earplug. A childhood fantasy would be fulfilled. I could be like Superman with bullets just bouncing off my chest!

  • Faraday Defcon

    @Maus … oh my fucking sides! ahahaha

  • I guess I’m pretty stupid too, then. No idea those were earplugs.

    Never had to wear earplugs. {shrug}

  • Matthew Baker

    You could be excused unless you have in the past written articles about either gun control or manufacturing.

    This guy has written many stories on both topics and tries to pass himself off as an expert yet apparently knows nothing at all about either.

  • agent smith

    maybe he ment ‘spalt’ – which is when is wood is half rotten and really neat to use.

  • Avspatti

    You sure this is not from The Onion?

  • grayjohn

    LMAO Moron.

  • Infanteer

    “He says he thinks he knows you”.

  • DocEpador

    Careful analysis shows that the original photo was fraudulently used by RJR, as it was originally tweeted last June in a series of Hamas tweets about toxic Israeli suppositories used to torture innocent children and women in Gaza.

  • Ferrari fan

    maybe this is why Lil John is always yelling “WHAT”… he got hit with these rubber bullets in the ears…

  • Ferrari fan

    not to mention greater capacity in the tater magazine.

  • hamous
  • KarmaKiller

    Its shameful that the anti gun media has ZERO clue about fire arms or gun safety yet they scream their agenda from the mountain tops as if THEY are the experts.

    A responsible journalist would actually go to lengths to understand the topic. They dont. Mayne even go through concealed carry classes so they can see what it entails.

  • munimula

    This guy is so stupid that he couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the directions were written on the heel. He must have graduated from the Columbia School of Journalism.

  • Steve McKee

    You Are all WRONG!! These special projectiles are only for a weapon with a “silencer”!!!