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Feminists Passed Resolution to ‘Eradicate’ Gay Men From Appropriating Black Women Culture!

I’m nearly 100% certain that God has created feminist conventions just to keep me entertained and laughing. That’s why the National Young Feminist Leader Convention was so amazing. Twice. And why the National Union of Students Feminist Conference is giving me so much glee when they banned hand clapping because it was “triggering” some sensitive feminists. But we’re not done just yet.

Behold the amazingness of NUS Women’s Motion #512: Stop acting like Black Women, Gay Men!

Yes, it’s not a joke, or at least, it’s not a joke on purpose. Here’s the full text:

Conference Believes:

1. The appropriation of Black women by white gay men is prevalent within the LGBT scene and community.
2. This may be manifested in the emulation of the mannerisms, language (particularly AAVE- African American Vernacular English) and phrases that can be attributed to Black women. White gay men may often assert that they are “strong black women” or have an “inner black woman”.
3. White gay men are the dominant demographic within the LGBT community, and they benefit from both white privilege and male privilege.
4. The appropriation of Black women by white gay men has been written about extensively. This quote is taken from Sierra Mannie’s TIME piece entitled: “Dear white gays, stop stealing Black Female culture”:

“You are not a black woman, and you do not get to claim either blackness or womanhood. There is a clear line between appreciation and appropriation. I need some of you to cut it the hell out. Maybe, for some of you, it’s a presumed mutual appreciation for Beyoncé and weaves that has you thinking that I’m going to be amused by you approaching me in your best “Shanequa from around the way” voice. I don’t know. What I do know is that I don’t care how well you can quote Madea, who told you that your booty was getting bigger than hers, how cute you think it is to call yourself a strong black woman, who taught you to twerk, how funny you think it is to call yourself Quita or Keisha or for which black male you’ve been bottoming — you are not a black woman, and you do not get to claim either blackness or womanhood. It is not yours. It is not for you.”

Conference Further Believes:

1. This type of appropriation is unacceptable and must be addressed.
2. Low numbers of Black LGBT women delegates attend NUS LGBT conference. This can be attributed to many factors, one of which may be the prevalent appropriation by white gay men, which may mean that delegates do not feel comfortable or safe attending conference.

Conference Resolves:

1. To work to eradicate the appropriation of black women by white gay men.
2. To work in conjunction with NUS LGBT campaign to raise awareness of the issue, to call it out as unacceptable behaviour and, where appropriate, to educate those who perpetuate this behaviour.

Twitter didn’t take well to it:

I have no idea why feminists believe they should have the right to tell gays how to act, but apparently they think they do.

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  • BigGator5

    Down Twinkles

  • Kauf Buch

    Or, maybe it’s SO GAY.
    I’m not sure which.
    Maybe both?

    THIS is a question for the ages.

  • So, does this mean they also disapprove of trannies?

    Oh, wait, trannies is offensive, so I denounce myself.

  • Fat_Man

    Sort of like watching Hezbollah fight ISIS.

  • Gunnar Thalweg

    I have been waiting for the black community to say to the gay community: You seriously think your struggle was anything like ours?

    What’s interesting about this thread is the narcissism of the male homosexual community is so obvious. The feminists, in this case, are correct.

    And it also shows that, as conservatives, the progressive coalition is going to splinter and crack up, so the answer is to grab some popcorn.

  • AJD

    There’s a term for that: Oppression Olympics. Trying to compare struggles and see who has been historically screwed the worst is ultimately a fool’s errand. I mean, I could point out that the first laws that made simply being gay a capital crime were enacted in the Byzantine Empire, aNd gay men continue being executed in Iran, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, meaning that persecution of gay people far predates the African slave trade and has far outlasted it. But I won’t do that.

  • Gunnar Thalweg

    Not a fool’s errand. Blacks suffered much worse. And besides, I reject the entire framing of the subject here.

    Black is not like homosexuality. Homosexuality is a mental disorder. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with being black.

  • gastorgrab

    Isn’t this actually an attack on gay men by gay women?

    Isn’t the ‘Ideal’ feminist a lesbian?

  • Victor

    Wait I’m sorry, I may have misread what you just said but did you seriously just say that homosexuality is a mental disorder? Homosexuality is found in over 500 species on earth, and you consider it a mental disorder? I guess we’re all entitled to our own opinions, no matter how much historical scientific fact says your opinion is wrong.

  • How does that prove anything? All animals have disorders, many of them are similar. If animals have cancer does that mean it’s normal to have cancer? Not necessarily agreeing with the guy but your argument form is invalid.

  • EndOfPatience

    This has to be a lot of fun. I want to know if you’ve run out of popcorn and beer yet.

  • Gunnar Thalweg

    You read it correctly. It’s a mental disorder, removed from the psychological texts for political reasons. It’s a form of narcissism mixed with a sexual fetish, and most times more than one sexual fetish. It’s both a potential that becomes reified once acted upon, and seems to damage the psyche.

    I’m sure I could find 500 species that eat their own young. Doesn’t make it right for people.

  • Up Yours Feminists

    Gunnar Thalweg you are an ignorant idiot. I don’t care who you are…man/woman, black/white. An asshole and an ignorant bigot.

  • gastorgrab

    “The feminists, in this case, are correct.”


    Doesn’t it bother you that a WHITE feminist is telling gay men not to act black?

    A judge would say; “You are not the aggrieved party! Case dismissed!”

  • PotatoJoe93

    Read an Irish history book. White people were slaves for far longer than black people.

  • Raymond

    So you’re being a bigot, and using your bigotry to fight bigotry against a different target. I think we’ve discovered who has a mental disorder.

  • egalitarian


  • Robert W Rogers

    Please don’t throw science out there as if you so superior. Even accepting your view as correct, does not justify that all to common method of putting folks down. Hell we are just now learning much less complex truths,

  • Robert W Rogers

    In the sense that Gunnar Thalweg makes his agruement, he is more rational than you seem to be. Certainly there can be no disagreement that in the context of biological or social order being gay can reasonably be considered to fall out side of the norm. His post at least made an agruement that could be debated -while you simply attacked.

  • Robert W Rogers

    Such is not too unusal today – every group thinks that they are special and are entitled to be protected from being offended.

  • 1TSMommy

    Wait!!! I thought this was an Onion article…OMG I’m laughing so hard!! Wait is that allowed? Should I do jazz hands instead???

  • bobrulz

    I don’t usually discredit an entire person’s opinion based off of one statement, but you sir have succeeded. Good job.

  • bobrulz

    “I have no idea why feminists believe they should have the right to tell gays how to act, but apparently they think they do.”

    Don’t forget that they are the authority on how black women act as well.

  • mm jones


  • EtoculusDei

    Two words…..nucking futs.

  • Hell yes, it’s allowed! Not only is laughing, clapping, and general buffoonery allowed but at this point I HIGHLY encourage it!!

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  • Jay Hadinoto

    I am starting to think that feminism is slowly self destructing under its own weight

    and rhetoric. Gay men, Trans folk… are the Bisexuals next?

  • FartRapeApologist

    If these people got paid to invent social issues, they’d be among the one percent!

  • Frankk Boone

    All this does is confirm the bigotry of the so-called bigotry haters LOL

    And it’s not just their racial bigotry, it’s their sexual bigotry on parade as well. They went from hating on blacks but couldn’t stop there asserting that a gay man that is “white” has some mythological double “privilege”

    I am not gay, but when I do ever find my “white privilege” I’m gonna ride that bitch until I fall out.

    This also proves “liberal” is nothing more than a self deprecating mental disorder.

  • James A

    I admire how you think you’re correct in your assertions, but I admire more how vastly far from the truth you are. A group of self-proclaimed “cismale-hating” women are telling a group of gay men to stop acting like black women. Where in the Hell is the narcissism of the gay male group coming in here?

    Seriously, it’s like me saying that major Conservatives are acting like massive bigots, and then you follow it up by saying that the Conservatives are being narcissistic when some would try to disprove the allegations that they are, in fact, massive bigots.

  • Dylan J Monaghan

    Seriously you are a part of whats wrong with the world!! Being gay isn’t a mental disorder its actually linked to a gene hence has not the propensity to be a mental disorder!

  • Trybrow

    this conference is absolutely class and beautiful for everyone one of us that has been telling ppl feminism is hypocritical nonsense this is the smoking gun that cannot be denied, combined with the jazz hands bs from the same conference they cannot be expecting us to believe feminism is innocuously about equal rights for women.

  • Gunnar Thalweg

    That makes no sense. There are plenty of genetic disorders.

  • ReallyReadyforJoe

    Finally, something for which I can give feminists credit. I completely underestimated them.

  • Jason B

    To be fair.. Scientifically speaking.. It’s a birth defect.. There is no gay gene.. It’s simple.. The human fetus is female by default. It takes an XY or XX sperm to decide it’s gender. But the brain is still “female” It then takes doses of testosterone to change it into a male brain if the sperm is XY. Sometimes those doses are low or don’t come after the initial dose has changed the gender of the brain. So you end up with male body and partially female brain.. Sometimes the female part of the brain includes a female sex center. And so the gay man is naturally attracted to men.. It’s like having the wrong sex software for the model. This is why the majority of gay people are male. It’s natural but abnormal. Like cancer is natural but abnormal. We have compassion for people with cancer and thus we should have compassion for gay people.. They are affected with a syndrome not a mental illness. This is all scientifically speaking.. I don’t give a hoot if you are offended in any way.

  • Jason B

    Marxism is game of musical chairs.. Or a Reality TV show.. Someone always loses their seat or get’s voted off the island.

  • BruceTD

    Where are you getting this bullshit info?

  • BruceTD

    Wow you must be fun at parties. While it’s refreshing to see a non racist bigot I’m cracking up reading your opinions. I bet you think jesus should be in schools too, get your high horse bullshit out of here

  • Excellent rebuttal lol pendejo

  • Raymond

    And you have missed the point completely. I was pointing out the use of discrimination to fight against discrimination. Whether or not being gay falls outside the norm is irrelevant, the fact that Gunnar was using the very thing he was challenging to make his point is sheer hypocrisy, and that is what I was attacking.

  • Robert W Rogers

    Well said, I get your point now. Thanks

  • Ben

    That was “offensive” in the way that saying we were sent to earth by lord Xenu in DC-8s, it’s just ridiculous made up BS.

  • Jason B

    I so seriously don’t give the sweetest flying fuck if I have “offended” you.. I hope you choke on your offence you ignorant imbecile.. BTW I am right.. It’s called science you cunt.

  • mrbrooks

    good point!

  • mrbrooks

    “hahaha” – your dumbass actually believes somebody sat around and watch goldfish to see if they were gay or not
    ” hahaha”

  • mrbrooks

    that shit…is the kind of stupid shit i don’t give a fuck about

  • Fawzan ‘Forock’ Al-Fawzan

    “Homosexuality is found in over 500 species on earth”

    So is cancer.

    Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s a disorder; it’s actually a topic that doesn’t interest me much so I’ve never researched it at all and have little to no knowledge about it.

    I’m just saying that, it being present in over 500 species also doesn’t prove it’s harmless. It actually doesn’t prove anything at all, other than the existence of gay animals.

  • Fawzan ‘Forock’ Al-Fawzan

    Saudi Arabia has actually never executed anyone for being gay. They have, however, executed people for the crime of rape (straight or gay rape, doesn’t matter to them).

    That doesn’t however mean that gays are 100% safe in Saudi. Gay sex is indeed considered a crime in Saudi and can net you a couple of months in jail easily if caught.

    So yeah, they do punish gays… but this whole execution myth is just that – a myth.