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Police Called On Anti-White ‘Black Brunch’ Protest in Tacoma; Protesters Whine Like Babies

Apparently the racist “Black Brunch” protests babies in Tacoma don’t understand that if you disrupt people having brunch at a business that doesn’t support your stupid demonstration, they can call the cops on you.

For those who don’t know, “Black Brunch” is a protest tactic used by “Black Lives Matter” protesters to annoy white people having brunch and force them to listen while they yell about black people who have been killed by police. So these aren’t the brightest bulbs to begin with.

Here’s an idiot from Atlanta to describe what they think they’re doing:

What’s hilarious is that they mainly do it in liberal cities, assuring that they’re just annoying people who agree with them anyway! I love it, keep it up, morons!

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  • Louisvillejim

    They would feel my lunch upside their head.

  • DavidG

    They are the new Low Calorie slaves with 80% of black NY H.S students ” graduating ” illiterate just last year alone. They already ruined Taco Tuesdays and it just proves we need to ban all of their Cretins from voting at 34%+ of their rapidly growing uber sick base…

  • Rajahaan Lanq

    I live in Tacoma. This was such a huge protest, that this is the first I’ve heard about it.

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  • Jimi Streets

    Orale Sooper! I’m an American of Meheecan descent who also is a Christian conservative veteran. I’ve been fighting both “good fights” (Christian and political) since 1983. There are more Sooper Mexicans out here than one may think as numerous people just like me fill churches and vote conservative.
    I personally am sick of being identified with lying twerps like Luis Gutierrez and Loretta Sanchez, news-hacks Univision and the like that have anointed themselves leaders and spokesmen for all of us. These ignorant “elites” have helped to transform many of our people from what was once known as a proud, hard-working, humble, courteous, loyal, reliable, grateful people into disgustingly whiny, selfish, rude, ignorant, lazy, and entitled adult children that contribute nothing to society’s well being. All this, then they reproduce (!), thereby multiplying and perpetuating the poverty treadmill with all its accompanying crime, etc…
    Ted Cruz ’16…