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Here Are 21 Liberals Who Are Foaming at the Mouth Angry Because of Donations to Christian Pizzeria

The media has made sure to make it appear as if the owners of Memories Pizza shut out gays from their business, when that’s not what they admitted to. Still, insane gay advocates hacked their website, posted obscene pictures on their Yelp account, and made death and arson threats. The pizzeria was going to close down when conservative Dana Loesch came to the rescue with a “GoFundMe” page that has now raised nearly half a million dollars!

Well that’s making a lot of liberals very angry. Enjoy their tears [some have deleted their tweets since publication, but the text is still saved]:

Awww they’re so sad that their socially accepted bigotry isn’t shared by everyone! LOL!

Uh Oh! Twitter Account of ‘Nazi Christian’ Economist Critic Has Been DELETED! Damn You Hackers!

  • Nordic Templar

    Dealing with a low life maggot like you doesn’t require an in depth detailed intellectual response. I’d say he dealt with it appropriately. Poor little princess, everyone is getting bored with the same old lines . You really need to work on that .

  • Rayne

    There are SO many more of these, right on this page:
    This is one of my favorites – “This article is everything to me. My husband and I have been fuming over the fact that these bigots will profit and rake in more than we could muster up in a decade between the two of us. I don’t understand why GoFundMe hasn’t pulled the plug.” – They are so pissed off and jealous because these people have more money than them, they ADMIT it… They want the fundraising to be STOPPED because they are so self-important, narcissistic, shallow, and full of themselves, they believe that the fact that they won’t be able to have this much money is a legitimate reason to stop someone else from having it… The pathetic jealousy and hatred from these people is astounding.

  • Nordic Templar

    Actually , it’s par for the course . This one just blew up in their face .

  • TheRightIsNeverRight

    Appreciate the flattery involved in being followed from website to website, Davey..

  • Nordic Templar

    That’s rich , coming from an internet stalker like you . I haven’t posted to you in a while . Mainly because you never have anything new to say . There are other target-rich environments that offer more of a challenge.

  • Poco424

    To your point: There is a definite difference between knowledge and intelligence. Having over ten years of college experience under my belt at various universities throughout the country, it is my observation that the modern higher education climes distinctly demonstrate that fact. While college professors and graduate students have an over abundance of the first, they, as a group, have demonstrated a woeful lack of the second.

  • lavallette

    More and more the LGBT and their leftist progressive supporters even more generally are behaving and utilising the tools of the Fascists that they are. If you disagree with me you are a bigot and I claim the right to shut you up and deprive you of your livelihood!. “All rights for me but not for thee unless you submit to me”. Straight out of the Fascist/ Communist/Nazi/Muslim handbook.

  • WHMay

    Is there a GoFundMe page for that?

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  • LEO

    I told him recently he has the least creative mind of anyone I know. Same old insults every time. To use one of his favorite words…Pathetic.

  • Nordic Templar

    Indeed he is , the most pathetic troll I’ve ever encountered .

  • Just Me

    With all due respect, Patty, you are entitled to your opinion on that but I can tell you there are plenty, and I mean plenty of heterosexuals out there who are liberal freaks. Actually, I see less liberal now and just plain leftist, which is considerably different than the democrats from oh say 20 years ago. I’m an oldie so I’ve seen a lot of politics over the past 50 years and it isn’t homosexuals that scare me. For the most part, they are pretty decent people. It’s the leftist whack jobs who are nutso. They are hurting the gay community, too, with their hate speech and threats of violence. I do agree with you, though, that God is definitely good and he even loves homosexuals. He loves all of us but he hates sin and even you and I are sinners. Maybe not the same kind of sin but sin, nevertheless.

  • Just Me

    Love the colorful eggs avatar. 🙂

  • LOL, yeah ‘murcans paying a business a whole bunch of money for absolutely nothing. Go ‘murca!

  • OldFert

    Already did.

  • OldFert

    Merriam Webster online–
    Bigot: a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. : a bigoted person; especially : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group)

    Hmm. Now who in the post above seems to fit that definition?

  • gina

    LOL i live in indiana and i am just reading all the post but for the record hoosiers are not bigets they are an accepting people and to call all hoosiers that just shows the ignorance…………..

  • gina

    oh btw i am not a hillbilly……….LOL that man does not even know the diffrence

  • Steeler

    Gays have trouble trying to shut down Christian businesses like the Pizza Restaurant… remember Chick-fil-a, they need to realize no one cares.

  • lilz

    Love the loser golf coach that thinks burning down a business is the thing to do- or the reporter investigating the gofundme page for fraud with no actual evidence- no wonder people will now lump gay people in with the oj is in o cent -burn the place down flashmob. After this no one will ever take any gay causes serious.

  • Billy Matthews

    Wow seems like things didn’t work out as well as the LGBT community thought it would. When will they learn? Just because people aren’t out there protesting in the street doesn’t mean that they don’t care. Good for them for helping the pizza parlor and good for the Go Fund people for helping. Too bad that the donors have to be secret or else.

  • Guest

    Don’t worry now that they hating gays is acceptable mexicans and blacks are next. so by all means soopermexican keep supporting the bigots,idiot.

  • Guest

    Don’t worry now that they hating gays is acceptable mexicans and blacks are next on the list of ‘not served here’ by order of gods *love*. so by all means soopermexican keep supporting the bigots,and proving you are nothing more than another bigoted schmuck.

  • Guest

    Don’t worry now that they hating gays is acceptable mexicans and blacks
    are next on the list of ‘not served here’ by order of gods *love*. so
    by all means soopermexican keep supporting the bigots,and proving you
    are nothing more than another suckass schmuck.

  • Guest

    Don’t worry now that hating gays is acceptable mexicans and blacks
    are next on the list of ‘not served here’ by order of gods *love*. so
    by all means soopermexican keep supporting the bigots,and proving you
    are nothing more than another suckass schmuck.

  • RoryFlick

    It’s a little funny to hear all these progressive?(regressive) liberals rant and call people bogots when they themselves are the bigots for demanding punishment, closure of the business, threats of arson, death threats etc.

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  • AugustineThomas

    His secularist teachers did a great job on his political correctness, self esteem, and entitlement.

  • Dr. Joseph Warren

    Bigot bigot bigot…..they are all starting to sound like a bunch of frogs. I’m proud to have donated to that fund. I love the way that these twisting-in-agony libs appeal in last gasp desperation for GoFundMe to do the “right thing” and censor the appeal, stop the money, and eradicate this kind of generosity. In the name of stopping the hatred, of course. Indocrinated much?

  • Stan Gerlt

    They should be forced to cater same-gender weddings? Should Libby pizza places be forced to fund Republican Party fundraisers too?

  • snaved41

    These foul mouthed pigs that pretend they are good normal people that stand up for the rights of most are in for a rude awakening. Most normal people (and certainly they’re not all Christians) don’t agree with them and I think more and more or turning against gays which is not a good thing. Don’t they know what they are doing to their cause and to their own kind? They are inciting hate but not against the businesses but against themselves. And most gays would not go along with this kind of radical behaviour.
    You can’t bully people and call them names and insult them and expect them to like you. It doesn’t work that way.