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Transgender People Are Actually Angry at ‘Cisgender’ People Over Bruce Jenner’s Interview

You would think that having Bruce Jenner come out as a transgender would make them happy that he’s bringing attention and raising awareness to the transgender cause. Not these people – they think Jenner has too much “white male privilege” and they just generally hate non-transgenders. They call us “cis-genders,” and they are not happy.

It’s like they just can’t be happy. It’s weird.

“Destroy the cis people:”

I follow this community a little bit and it’s not surprising to me at all. Many transgender people harbor a lot of hatred against normally-gendered people and they seem to expend a lot of time and energy to express it.

See also this previous post about liberals freaking out over Bruce declaring himself a Christian Republican.

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    I get so lost in the language of the left ….

    I need a translator…does CIS mean people who dont have mental disorders that make them think their DNA is wrong?

  • DND

    They need psychological counseling worse than I thought.

  • Ray Haight

    These people who feel their views should rule public discourse on the issue are so noisy they would have you think every other person is trans. < 1 in a 100.

  • Kim Sorgente

    The left and cults use their own terminology to identify and distinguish their members.

  • John Rose

    Correct. CIS = Normal. Men who ‘identify’ as men, women who ‘identify’ as women. Go figure.

  • Bill Smith2

    Today I am announcing my intentions to begin taking the necessary steps towards becoming a submarine.. I have alway felt as though I have been, and always be, a submersible machine of war……therefore, I am having periscope and torpedo tube implant surgery in the morning…

  • Delaney Coffer

    These people should be in a fucking insane asylum. These crazy assholes have invented a fantasy world complete with it’s own dumbass dictionary and now expect the rest of society to pretend they’re something other than a bunch of goddam lunatics. There is no such thing as a “transgender”. This is a mental disorder.

  • Stefani

    WTF? Cisgender? Can gay people please just go back in the closet now?