Global Warming

15 Geniuses Who Think Global Warming Caused the Nepal Earthquake

The best thing about the Twitters is that there is no shortage of stupidity. Oh wait, that’s a bad thing. Anyway, here are some morons who really believe that the devastating earthquake in Nepal was caused by Global Warming. And if you disagree, you’re an anti-science right-wing hillbilly nutjob, so there!!

The science is strong in these:

This guy protected his account… right after I saved his tweet:

uncleBibby nepal global warming

This guy wrote a whole dingbat post about it!

It’s KARMA MANNNN whoah look at my hand it’s moving!

We’re all doomed. Not because of global warming, but because these nitwits probably breed quicker than non-morons like you and myself.

[h/t Pirate’s Cove for some tweets]
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