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Here Are All My Mocking Tweets From ‘Commie Christmas’ of the May Day Protests!

Yesterday was “May Day,” where communist degenerates of all stripes met together to plan how to topple capitalism so that they can steal wealth from the powerful and finally move out of their parents’ basements. A lot of pot was smoked, but very few political solutions to our problems were found. Here are my best tweets mocking the idiots who participated in “Commie Christmas.”

[pardon the language]

Ahhh that was fun. I love mocking hipster morons who protest for idiotic leftist causes. Oh speaking of Occupy, if you liked this post, you’ll love all the times I went after those pendejos too!!

‘Disarm The Police!’ And Other Stupid Demands From Professional Pendejo Michael Moore
  • Luke

    Why did they stop using fire hoses on protesters? Those skinny hipsters would go flying from a 50 psi garden hose so a nice inch and a half assault nozzle should scatter them in no time.

  • gastorgrab

    Is the bean-bag chain gun still in developement?

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  • Political Porn. Always amusing to see what passes for conservatism these days.

  • Hey looky Soop, a filthy leftist. So you ask me, “how can you tell he is a filthy leftist?” It is the hipster doofus comments that is a dead giveaway, plus the smell, you can actually smell them through the internet.

  • By the way, disagreeing with our brown people makes you a RACIST! Go away racist!