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Progressives Trend ‘Black Church Sex’ to Push Promiscuity, LGBT On Black Churches

Black progressives are trending #BlackChurchSex on Twitter in order to badger Black Christians into being more promiscuous and denying traditional church teaching. Sounds fun!

Wait, what the hell!??

Real talk! This lady is a Salon contributor and we all know that Jesus said Salon contributors cannot make it into the Kingdom of Heaven. I mean, He generally said that. Anyway…

The Bible doesn’t teach that. God hates sin, the behavior. This is a common strawman against religion.

Yeah stop waiting, start whoring it up, that’ll fix all your problems.

OK this actually sounds like a problem, but that doesn’t mean you accept promiscuity.

Now, go forth and whore it up!

This is utterly absurd – they’re saying you gotta whore it up because that’s who you are, but you can’t be judged on it, because that’s not who you are! LOL!

No, we’re not all Bill Clinton.

Nothing fixes everything. But marriage sure as hell fixes a lot! Stupid premise.

Er… purity wasn’t meant for black women? Sounds a leeeetle racist!

What? Maybe in the fifties.

Damn sure we don’t need respectability! OK. I could do this all day. But I need to go wash my mind out with bleach and Febreeze. Thank you for participating.

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  • RKae

    The amazing thing about the “whore it up” left is that they actually think “We have all these new, enlightened attitudes about sex, and if the Bible can’t keep up with all of our modern changes, then we need to get rid of it!”

    No. These are NOT new, enlightened ideas. They are the same ideas that the Roman Empire held. These were the same ideas prevalent in the popular culture when the New Testament was written. This is WHY it was written!

    Christians back then preached against it all, and they died for it! Christians today want to fall to it for the sake of staying popular and “relevant,” and also for the simple reason that they are tempted by it and they want to partake of it.

    They act like “the Bible wasn’t ready for all the stuff we know now and all the changes we’ve experienced lately.”

    No. The Bible talks about people like this in very plain and simple language.


    If the rates of single motherhood and abortion are any indication, I don’t think black women need *more* promiscuity. Promiscuity is actually an epidemic in the black community. This is so Orwellian, it makes me dizzy.

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