Hey Rolling Stone, How Come You Didn’t Put Racist Dylann Roof On Your Cover Like You Did Tzarnaev?

Now look I don’t actually want Rolling Stone to put the evil wretched racist terrorist Dylann Roof on their cover. I just think it’s helpful to point out how stupid and pathetic it was when they had Jahar Tzarnaev, the Boston bomber, on their cover.

Here’s what it might look like if they did:

Rolling-Stone-dylann roof-1


Isn’t it weird how they feel OK about romanticizing and sexifying a Chechen immigrant who used terror to target Americans, but would never do the same for a white terrorist who attacked black Americans?

Also, I categorically deny all allegations made against me in that expose. Racists.

Here’s the execrable Tzarnaev cover for your reference:


Also, some weird Latino blogger made a parody with Geraldo in it, but it’s pretty terrible and I can’t recommend you–> CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!!! <—-

‘I Have a GREAT Relationship With Mexicans!!’ – Donald Trump