Here’s a Video From 2010 Claiming Grenoble, France Is a ‘No-Go Zone’

A few months ago, Fox News was mocked and derided by those on the left for saying that there were “no-go zones” in France where authorities were afraid to enter for fear of Muslims. Well, here’s a video from 2010 claiming Grenoble, France is a no-go zone, the site of a heinous terrorist attack today:

More from CNN about the riots in Grenoble in July 2010:

Police expect on Monday to release the final two people still detained after arrests during riots in Grenoble, France, over the weekend, said Brigitte Julien, police spokeswoman for the Isere regional security department.

“Last night was much calmer,” Julien said Monday, after a weekend over which rioters set about 60 cars on fire and injured three policemen.

On Sunday night, four shots were fired at a police vehicle, but no one was injured, Julien said.

She said the violence began on Friday after a local resident, Karim Boudouda, 27, was killed Thursday in an exchange of gunfire with police.

The two jailed people were detained for drug trafficking and carrying firearms, Julien said. She said they would be released after 48 hours of detention.

Is this absolute proof that “no-go zones” exist? No, of course not, after all any slack-jawed yokel can put whatever they want on YouTube. But it seems like a mighty huge coincidence to have riots in Grenoble, France linked to Muslims, have someone claim it’s a no-go zone, and then have a terrible terrorist attack a few years later.

I shall now hold my breath awaiting all news outlets to apologize to Fox News.

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