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Reporter Who Mistook Sex Toy Parody Flag at Gay Parade Ridiculed on the Twitters

The reporter who mistook gay sex toys on a parody ISIS flag for Arabic writing is now being roundly mocked on the Twitters. Poor thing.

I’m sorry but that right there is hilarious.

Earlier before her CNN appearance, it looks like she contacted the Pride Parade organizers, but they must have let her continue in her error LOL!

And this might be the moment she discovered it:

But actually, my friend @IloiloKano had an excellent point about all this:

Yes he’s right. It’s a hilarious story but it’s kind of endearing that she didn’t realize what those symbols were.

Found: ISIS Supporters Pose With Guns in Grenoble, France Before Attack; Warn Muslims Not to Vote
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    Wait a minute! Sex and dildos? Liberals think this equates….what?

  • I think I agree with sooper, it’s kind of refreshing to see a young woman so naïve that she didn’t know what the symbols on the flag were. You don’t see much of that these days.

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  • Tory

    When I look at the the participants of the gay pride parades and the crowds gathering to cheer the same-sex marriage ruling, people celebrating an end to the discrimination they’ve endured while coming out to exercise their freedom to live openly and define and express their own indentity, it’s so clear that they’re seeking legal recognition for same-sex marriages out of a deep respect for the institution and a desire for the same fulfillment, stability, love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family found in marital unions by heterosexuals and they ask only for equal dignity in the eyes of the law for homosexual couples and most importantly the children of homosexuals. When I see their heartfelt protest signs dotted with pink di*do’s, giant butt p*ugs waved in the air, mustachioed men with hairless bodies in tiny, skin tight shorts and leather cross straps that mimic a policemans uniform, loving gay couples with their children on their shoulders holding rainbow colored Bert & Ernie signs that read “love wins”, marching alongside a quintet of scantily dressed drag queens, a team of nude cyclists covered in rainbow paint from head to toe and a chorus line of naked men wearing tube socks on their peni*es & carrying riding crops which they take turns playfully prodding one another on the backside with, it really just shames me to think I ever doubted the LGBT communities desire to participate in stable, loving, traditional family life and the shame & indignity we as a society have heaped on them and their children by denying this to them when they are clearly regular people who want nothing more than a life of family, fidelity, tradition and most of all love like the rest of us.