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VIDEO Of Gays Harassing Christian Protesters at Toronto Pride Parade

Earlier I posted a picture I found of gays mocking a black Christian man at the Toronto gay pride parade, but I’ve also found video of them proudly blocking Christians from having their protest signs be seen:

Because tolerance, right? They posted a few pictures too:

Charming. But this is is OK because they’re Christians and the gay activists are gay. If they were of any kind of conservative ilk, you bet this would be called racism up and down every single news channel. Read some more crazy hatred against Christians on Twitter here. 

THOUGHTCRIME! Traditional Marriage Opinions BANNED by PA Newspaper After Supreme Court Ruling
  • Very rude.

  • formwiz

    What, you really believe that tolerance stuff?

  • Tolerance only works one way with these people, their way.

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  • Pat

    I would love to see what happens when they block KKK, Skinhead, or Biker signs. These liberal scum go after the most forgiving and non-violent group. They’re punks, sadists, and cowards!!!

  • Sheepdog Smokey

    “We are more valuable than you because we say so.” “We have a right to free speech and not you because we don’t like what you say.” These are the messages of the LGBT community today. No one is allowed to question their actions or motives, to disagree with their politics, or to even suggest that they shouldn’t march through town in outfits they would demand others be arrested for wearing in public. We are only to “praise their bravery” (for standing where they want and doing what they want) we are to “tolerate” them screaming insults at us, and we are to remain quiet, else we are bigots and hateful people for our disagreement.

  • Sheepdog Smokey

    The liberals aren’t just re-writing history, they are redefining words. Tolerance no longer means what the dictionary says it does, it means praising them and giving them what they demand. Didn’t you get the memo from our glorious imperial leaders in DC?

  • Sheepdog Smokey

    Are we surprised? I wonder what would’ve happened had he held a sign where they’d see it saying “I will pray for you.” They likely would’ve tried to have him arrested, or worse.