Planned Parenthood Takes Down Their Website, Blames ‘EXTREMIST’ Hackers!

Earlier today Planned Parenthood claimed that their website was under attack by “extremists.”

Here’s the website – weird how they were able to put up this message even though they’re suffering a terrible attack, right?

And what’s this? Their Facebook message was edited a whole FOUR times! It wasn’t posted four times – it was the same post edited four times. You would think they would have planned a fake attack to blame “extremists” better, but nope. They kinda suck at that.

But if you click the little “edited” tab you can see how many different times they changed the text:

But they can still beg for money, and that link works perfectly! WEIRD.

Now let’s see if their fans in the “objective” media frame this as nefarious evil hackers attacking the poor, innocent, baby-hackers.