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The Terrible Reason Why #AnotherBoy Is Trending

The hashtag #AnotherBoy is trending nationally on Twitter, and though it’s a good thing it is, it’s for a terrible reason:

PPact itsaboy

It’s from the fourth video exposing the organ harvesting of abortion provider Planned Parenthood from the Center for Medical Progress.

It’s worth watching:

In the video, as the abortion technicians are pecking at the remains of an aborted baby as if they’re deciding what sushi to eat, one says, “it’s another boy!”

Would you say that about a “clump of cells”?

pp undercover video

The Center for Medical Progress is being stymied by a California judge from releasing some video, but this is damning enough. Please share and keep #AnotherBoy trending. It’s up to us because the media will make sure Americans are kept ignorant of the horrible things happening in our country.

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  • gastorgrab



    Under Progressive rules, gender is a matter of self-perception.

    This just goes to show that not even Progressives can live up to Progressive expectations. That standard doesn’t just seem impossible to live up to. It IS impossible.

  • MidAtlanticWoman

    Kudos to Center for Medical Progress. They have defied the restraining order not to release tapes. Keep on releasing everything you have, CMP!

  • Timely Manner

    Simple question, Can adults be given these kidneys? Or a liver grown from one of these livers?

  • palintologist

    As Mark Levin challenged callers and Ma’am Boxer — name ONE medical discovery attributable to these lucrative baby parts.

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  • RKae

    Y’see, you gotta have faith in science! They WILL discover something… someday… just don’t rush ’em. In the meantime, just keep sending them the carcasses of innocent victims and TRUST in them!

    It’s sort of like how they keep telling us they’re on the verge of curing cancer… if they ever take a break from inventing things that CAUSE cancer.

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  • peterstocker

    This exposes abortion for what it is. Just explain to a child what abortion is and he or she will be horrified. We adults get complicated. We have reasons that justify murder. I am glad it there on that table to see: the horrific truth about abortion.