Media Bias

Email Release PROVES Questions Were LEAKED to Hillary Before ‘Meet The Press’ Interview!

It’s Friday News Dump day, and with the release of another batch of Hillary’s State Department emails, they’re hoping Americans will be too eager for the weekend to care what we find.

This is what reporter Charlie Spiering found:

meet the press hillary

Isn’t it nice to have “friends” at a news outlet that can leak questions to you so that you’re ready before an interview? Mediaite reports that Gregory didn’t get a chance to even ask the question because Hillary brought it up herself – but that would have happened anyway, right? And notice – she assumes that Hillary “probably already knows this,” as if she just generally gets all the questions before an interview.

Now do you think anyone at “Meet the Press” will be pressured about this at all?! Don’t make me laugh.

Ahh that reminds me a certain Bloomberg hack who made fun of conservatives about something similar:

Who would ever think that the media was in the tank for Hillary? LOL! I wonder if Mark emailed Hillary to let her know he was gonna send out this tweet.

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