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Female Interviewer TRIED To Get MMA Fighter Ronda Rousey ANGRY About The “Wage Gap” and FAILED

Ronda Rousey didn’t seem to want to take the bait from this female interviewer who was trying to get her be outraged that a male boxer would make wayyy more money than she does as  a woman MMA fighter.

Instead, she gave a very rational answer:

Wow. She almost sounds like a reasonable person instead of the irrational hysterical feminist the interviewer wants her to be. There’s all sorts of reasons why Mayweather would make a lot more than Ronda does, and in fact, it turns out to be a very good analogy for the wage gap because so much of the discrepancy can be explained away by reasonable analysis.

None of which the interviewer wanted to hear.

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  • Lisa

    Really liked her answer, strong, smart & beautiful.

  • gastorgrab

    Interviewer: “They talk about separate but equal, but ………”


    Let’s clear up another misconception. Progressive Fascists talk about ‘Separate but Equal …. or they use one of their other euphemisms for the same double-standard; ‘Diversity’, ‘Multicultural’, ‘Racial Justice’, etc.

    If the left really cared about diversity they would abandon their policy of ‘Group Rights’, and admit that every individual is different from every other.