‘I Feel Like I Just TOUCHED A GOD…’

If there’s one candidate that I wouldn’t have thought this quote would have been said of, I think Bernie Sanders was it. But… unfortunately for our Republic:

Now, it was in Seattle, so it’s very likely that the young lady might have been tripping balls, or perhaps been high on goofballs.

In either case… has anyone ever said that of a Republican candidate? The answer is NO… because we’re not creepy effing weirdos.

Armed Oath-Keepers Have Shown Up in Ferguson… [VIDEO]
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  • Pat

    More evidence that the Democrat Party is a cult and a religion……..and yes, she was probably higher than an Amazon drone.

  • pathfinder

    Obama could only get called “lightworker”, Hillary only gets (eh, what ubermensch title do those morons call her?) — lefties = white supremacists and patriarchal sexists!
    (I’m not really joking about that either — there few more self absorbed, self-important, weasely, passive-aggressively predatory sos on the planet than a young, wealthy, white hippie guy — if you can call those things “men” — although their “female” counterparts come close.)

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  • RageHard84

    Wow, a God? Bernie Sanders doesn’t sound like a bad person (although his political views are quite different from mine) but a God? Bernie Sanders is mortal like you and I.