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‘I Don’t Read A BIBLE To Figure Out What I THINK!’ – Kasich On His Feelings Guiding Politics

Former Ohio Governor John Kasich seemed to dismiss those who might cite their faith to guide their politics while explaining how his feelings and emotions tell him what to do over the Bible.

Watch below:

I understand that some don’t think they need religion to help them make better decisions, but Kasich doesn’t need to sneer about the very possibility of it, as if it’s beneath him. He seems to be very dismissive of those think the Bible might have some wise thoughts to help us. Will his smug attitude help him with Republicans? Hmmm…

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  • Pat

    The bible tells Christians to help the poor and the needy, to be compassionate, and to not be wasteful. There does seem to be a lack of understanding by Kasich regarding how his compassion IS a biblical principle. I don’t think this will hurt him in the primary though. Most Christians are conservative and there are huge societal problems created by liberalism that are more urgent at the moment. Trump couldn’t answer the question “Do you talk to God”, and it hasn’t hurt him in the polls. Most Christians know that God can use ANYONE to implement His plan and that someones “Christian-ness” is not a litmus test for Gods work.

  • Kelly Zat

    Wait, what? Doesn’t this contradict what he said previously when he stated that the Lord wants us to reach out to the poor and that the GOP comes off as cold and uncaring? I think he’s back pedaling like a madman here to fix the talking point he handed to the Dem nominee when he said that and fix things with the GOP. He’s a smug moralizing dick either way and I won’t even entertain supporting him due to his government expanding policies.

  • marcus tullius cicero

    …No real Conservative would say that!

  • EmilyV

    The Bible teaches us how to think WISELY. I wonder why Kasich doesn’t understand that.

  • Kilgore6

    Somewhere a fat lady is singing.

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  • This is same idiot that used God to explain away expanding Obamacare in Ohio. This is why people are so tired of politicians. They are so full of it.