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Granny Clinton Shuts Down Presser After Tough Questions About Email Server

Ugh. Granny Clinton shows her incredible disdain for the American public yet again today when she mocked the questions about whether she wiped her email servers.

Watch below:

She stupidly offers, “I don’t know how it works digitally at all,” but doesn’t actually answer whether she wiped the servers, after making the idiotic joke, “you mean with a cloth?”

Just pathetic.

She certainly doesn’t have the same acuity for lying that Slick Willy had:

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‘I Don’t Read A BIBLE To Figure Out What I THINK!’ – Kasich On His Feelings Guiding Politics
  • AgentLobos

    She’s roasting like a rotisserie chicken at Walmart Deli. Roasted.

  • pathfinder

    Maybe they’re going to try and run Barry again — FDR historic or something?

  • radar

    What a disgusting display.She believes she can lawyer speak her way out of anything. Remember the “I have no first hand knowledge” line?

  • Joshua Benson

    Let’s see.
    Without Hillary, they’ve got: Jerry “Gov. Moonbeam” Brown, “Slow Joe” Biden, Al “I invented the internet and global warming” Gore, Michelle “eat your veggies my little precious” O., John “Iran nukes” Kerry, or???

  • jukin

    I do like what Christie did today over the BS of a land on a bridge being closed, “Do you think the media wild have treated me the same if I deleted all my emails?”

    That was over nothing, Hillary is over selling out to secret info for donations to their money laundering crime organization disguised aa charity.

  • theGOONIES

    She states she doesn’t know how it works……yet thinks she is qualified to run the country.

    She doesn’t see the disconnect lol.

  • Bilko

    You forgot Gray Beaver.

  • pathfinder

    O’Malley and Webb are running — and Bernie, don’t forget Bernie. Oh, you mean the Dems “cool kids club”? Lizzie Warren perhaps?

  • Shillery is also saying she never used the erased server for official government business. I have a few questions I would be asking immediately if I were one of these so-called reporters.

    One, if she did not use this server for official business why is it wiped clean? Did she have something on it she wanted to keep hidden?

    Secondly, if she did not use this server, or email address, for official business where is the server and what is the email address she did use for government business? Is she trying to tell us, the American people, that she never used email for official government business?

    These are questions I would love to hear Shillery answer. It’s too bad the clowns investigating her, including Howdy-Doody, are not smart enough to connect the dots and the lame stream media never will bring the subject up.

  • Pat

    She insults the intelligence of anyone with an IQ higher than brain-dead.

  • pathfinder

    It depends upon what the meaning of “it” is!
    She should start getting used to wearing orange more (if this was a just world).

  • mikeh420

    Typical Democrat entitlement attitude, she thinks she deserves the job just because.

  • mikeh420

    Just like when we asked why the great effort to hide the Kenyan Candidate we were called racists, now we will be called sexist for asking what Hillary has hidden. Can’t do those things with a White male candidate.

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  • I’m already seeing a few birthers trying to bring up Cruz. Jindal and Rubio, where they were born and who their parents are kind of crap. My reply to them is simple, you liberals opened the door with the Obummer, so shut up and live with it.