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New ‘Common Core’ Approved Textbook Will Indoctrinate 6th-GRADERS About ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’!

To hear “Common Core” defenders you would think that it really isn’t that bad and critics are insane, but this new Common Core approved textbook that indoctrinates American children to be “Black Lives Matter” thugs and morons makes me think the critics have a point.

Watch Larry Elder obliterate the idiocy:

Gotta love the Elder!

Over at MyNorthwest.com, one of the co-authors of the book says that conservatives like Larry Elder are being silly prejudging the book that hasn’t even been published yet:

Professor Harris is confused by this reaction because she is certain that Elder, and others opposed to the textbook, have never read it.

“I have an electronic copy, my co-author has an electronic copy and then the [printing] press has it,” she said. “No one else has this book. So they are interpreting what they think the book is about. My co-author is a white woman, we have not framed this into who to blame and who not to blame. That’s not what this kind of work is about.”

“The conservatives say that it’s indoctrination,” Harris said. “That couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re not saying in our book that the police are wrong or the police are bad. We’re trying to explain to them what an indictment is.”

Oh yeahh sure, it’s equal to both sides, yeah sure I believe you, yeah! Oh wait, look at what the dimwit says just a few paragraphs later:

“Because I have been trained as a historian, I am confident that 40 years from now, these people are going to be thought of as brave and transformative because that’s always what happens,” Harris said. “Think about the Vietnam War protests. Those people were demonized when that was going on.”

Right, this lady who thinks these people will be hailed as heroes wrote this perfectly even-sided book, huh? She must think we’re complete morons – oh wait, she’s selling this book to liberal teachers, so… that makes sense.

I honestly think any sixth-grade idiot teacher who wastes taxpayer money on this crap should be summarily fired.

Please feel free to tweet at the publishers at Abdo:

Cuz we all appreciate some of that old commie indoctrination of our childrens’ heads full of mush, right?

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  • pathfinder

    The same publishing company has a book out about Hillary. They’ve also got a book out about the War on Terror. They’re specifically in the textbook/supplemental education books biz…wonder what some of their other books have in them.
    A lot of times teachers have no say (no, really) on what books they can use — schools can now demand certain things in the syllabus and even make up the reading lists for some classes — step out of line and you could be in trouble. Happens in the gen. ed. classes at some colleges now too according to the wife — has been that way for a while. And don’t ever think that any teacher who has different viewpoints isn’t out-gunned at staff development meetings. Somebody suggests this great new book, other fellow travellers back them up, admin is more than happy to think this makes them look progressive — you want to be the only person in the room saying “I don’t think this is a good book to use.”? That’s how it works.

  • pathfinder

    here’s a good idea of what this publisher routinely publishes — now mind you, it’s usually put in a fairly innocent sounding/looking book, and the info…eh, it isn’t lying, but…well, check it out for yourself:


  • Just one more reason why my grandchildren attend private schools, where the parents decide what is being taught in the classroom. I also have 2 nieces and 3 nephews who are home schooled and they are so far ahead of the kids their age in the pubic skrewel system they could jump up a grade and still be better taught.

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  • really wish we could push for school vouchers more. lots of decent people forced into awful schools.

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  • pathfinder

    There is no really good answer — school vouchers/charter-private schools is a good idea but: there have already been instances of schools sponsored by a certain religion that aren’t exactly what many have in mind as a good answer to public education. Homeschooling can be good (but same problems arise — there have been some homeschooleds around here who are excellent, and others whose only knowledge is their family’s religious text and their family’s interpretation of the same; that’s not so good) and the public school system is onto it: the dept. of ed.is now pushing “required classes” for graduation (have been doing it here for the last 12 years); the best your home schooled kid will get is a GED (they conveniently did not make sure the homeschoolers in this area knew about this until it was too late). It’s bs, but the loopholes are the devilish details.
    And then there’s the issue with those publishers — if they require certain texts are used, then everybody gets the same thing. I think my wife had the pragmatic approach: “we have to treat this like we were living under the old Soviet system; proceed accordingly”; that’s how we’ve handled our kids; that’s the advice she gives to others. She should know; she’s operating in the belly of the beast as it were.