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This Hewitt Interview of Trump on Foreign Policy Is Frightening And Embarrassing…

So everyone is freaking out over this interview – Trumpeters say it was all “gotcha questions,” but I think that means they know just how bad it was for il Trumpolini.

You just gotta listen for yourself:

Trump’s excuse is that the names Hugh is asking about are for people that won’t be around in six months. But if he doesn’t know who they are now, how does he know that they weren’t around six months ago? Ouch.. that’s kinda pathetic.

He then says that he’ll know by the time it’s important. I dunno, it seems kinda important right now. Is Trump gonna accidentally give aid to the Quds Force thinking their the Kurds?

This was my Twitter reaction:

My favorite quote:

“I will be so good at the military, your head will spin!” Yeah my head’s kinda spinning already.

  • Kelly Zat

    OMG, how did he not know the architect of campaigns against American servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan? They’ll all be gone – no they won’t, they haven’t been gotten rid of in quite some time.

    We won’t have good people in military leadership by the time the current administration gets through with the career military men. An embarrassment for sure.


    We the people don’t care if Trump knows the names of every politician or general in the middle east, we do care that he is the only candidate talking about the crisis at are southern border. An open southern border benefits Iran more than anything.

  • ipsprez

    I don’t think Obama knows what the heck his staff is doing, sometimes wonder if he even knows what he is doing. Would I like more clarity from Trump, sure but I will take Trump any day over Obama or anyone else on the left

  • Robert Evans

    Says he’ll find a MacArthur to run the military – – how will he find him, look for a guy with sunglasses and a corncob pipe? Please.

    When you go on Hewitt’s show, you have to be prepared – – Hewitt is, always. If you are promoting a book, Hewitt read it and will actually question you about it. Anyone who spends five minutes reading Hewitt’s transcripts knows this.

  • pschieber

    Unless someone is a terrorism specialist it’s mpossible to get all the name straight – especially without a teleprompter. He is correct about finding his “Mc Arthur” A leader figures out the right strategy. Believe me he will learn the players and then go get them.
    At this point in the race all we want to know is what are you going to do about ISIS, IRAN and all their terror networks- including the Muslims embedded in our government and CAIR. Personally I think Hugh should have asked that question

  • The Monster

    ” Is Trump gonna accidentally give aid to the Quds Force thinking their the Kurds?”


  • pabarge

    Really? What is it about Trump that makes you think that Trump could not find a great military general to lead his efforts?
    To this point, how many generals did President Lincoln go through before Lincoln settled on Grant? Now, extend this train of thought to other US Presidents who had to find their own MacArthur.

  • pathfinder

    Thing is, for all the Trump supporters: eventually he should have known that reporters were going to ask him gotcha questions (although this wasn’t so much a gotcha question — still, I’d like to hear them asking Biden, Sanders, Jeb this sort of thing…and not hear a bunch of bs as well); one can either complain about that or be prepared and hit it out of the park. So, he’s tripped pretty badly here, just from that standpoint.
    I’m just hoping he sticks around long enough to make the establishment sweat very profusely and hopefully get somebody worthwhile in. He has been useful that way.

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  • Ken Mitchell

    What’s the point in memorizing the names of the Whack-A-Mole jihadi martyr of the week? THe life expectancy of an ISIS or Al Qaeda leader is measured in weeks or months. Very few of the existing crop will not have collected their 72 virgins by January, 2017.

    More to the point: Jeff @EmpireOfJeff tweeted, on 12:25 PM – 14 Aug 2015
    “You “conservative” “pundits” still don’t get it: Trump isn’t our candidate. He’s our murder weapon.And the GOP is our victim. We good, now?”

    I’m for Cruz. But if Trump can eliminate the current crop of RINOs (like Shrub, Huckabee, Rubio, Graham) before he self-destructs, then I’ll salute the man. And if he wins the nomination, I’ll vote for him.

    Priebus was begging Trump to sign “The Pledge” to support the GOP nominee and not run as a third party. D’ya think Bush and Graham will support Trump if/when Trump takes the nomination, or will he try to sabotage him the way the RINO establishment routinely does to Tea Party candidates? Like Lisa Murkowski did?

  • Ken Mitchell

    Or Patton….