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How Mainstream Media and Social Media Present COMPLETELY Different Views Of Syrian Immigrant Crisis

The “Great Replacement” has begun, and social media is showing what the “refugees” from Syria are really all about.

Watch below:

WOW. You’d think that “refugees” of an awful Muslim civil war would be grateful for free food and water donations, right? Unless there’s something much more insidious going on.

But you wouldn’t know it from media coverage:

They’re just poor families!! Mostly women and children!! No, wait.. wait.. uhm…

Huh. Weird. That’s a lot like how we were told the “unaccompanied minors” coming over our border were all tiny children, when it turned out they were teenagers.

And there’s always white guilt liberals everywhere to applaud:

Enjoy that shariah, Nickeldorks.

“Free hugs, welfare, and underage white girls for your prostitution rings!!!”

Now look, I’m not saying the two migration movements are orchestrated and controlled – I’m just saying the media is lying to us about what it’s really composed of. But social media is showing us the truth.

Now spread the truth by tweeting and facebooking, my flying monkeys! GO!!

[h/t WeezyZephyrs]

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  • Kelly Zat

    I work with a Greek immigrant. She’s an open Socialist. She is the embodiment of Ann Coulter’s statement that we need a moratorium on immigration from everywhere and that immigration makes us less free.

    We had a conversation on this subject which went like this:

    G: What can we do, they’re having children on the boats, they’re starving, they need help.
    Me: They’re not fleeing war, they’re Muslims and throw Christians off the boats, they’re mostly young men with cell phones who are well dressed and don’t look starved, they are coming as an invasion. Don’t you remember the Greek genocide?
    G: *shrugs her shoulders* The Greek genocide, there have been many genocides.
    Me: These people have the same Islamic beliefs as those who committed that genocide and they say they hate everything about the West. They say they plan to invade the West through migration and smuggle terrorists into the EU and through it to the US.
    G: *shrugs again* It’s all globalism.

    Europe is lost unless there is open civil war. The problem now is, has the US and Canada been so infected by this same leftism that we are lost as well?

    The Pope is selling out the Catholic church as well, making it convenient to behead priests and turn churches into mosques – the end times loonies are going to love this –

  • Leah Keever

    I meant to say, those women and only those women. No other innocents who weren’t stupid enough to APOLOGIZE – which they are doing, by the way, RH, not just “welcoming.”

  • RageHard84

    I find it interesting they want to live in Western countries and not another Muslim one.

  • RageHard84

    Well even if only those women, I still think things don’t get that far. Just saying.

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  • Pat_Rich

    Germany lies. They have no clue how much will be spent because it is funding on a massive scale for a phenomenon they have never experienced. And who says it will stop at 800,000? They don’t control their own border. As for the US, good question; and one the Establishment Party doesn’t ever want to honestly address.

  • Leah Keever

    You don’t? Why is that? You know what’s happening in Sweden, in Denmark, right? Their religion approves of raping infidels – or at least they think it does. I just wish they’d only pick the leftist, appeasing, western-hating women, but of course they won’t, because those women are ugly.

    But I hope you are right and I am wrong.

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  • RageHard84

    Well, ideally nobody would get raped. I’m probably not going to have that ideal though. It would be nice if they only picked on the women who were responsible for the fiasco, but unfortunately you’re probably right about them raping Westerners in general.

  • MrNishida

    Richard, I hope you read this, it answers all your questions.
    Yuri Bezmenov was a KGB agent who defected to the west in 1970.
    He explained how the international Marxist movement’s plan was to subvert and take over the elites in positions of influence in government, academia, the media, and entertainment, and how it was going to get done- mainly by exploiting the arrogance, sense of entitlement, and self-centeredness of the elites.
    He also explained how the plan would continue to work even if the Soviet Union ceased to exist (this is very important, it expressly addresses your observation about winning the Cold War only to lose to the Marxists living amongst us).
    He predicted that in the end, it would be “Americans doing it to Americans.” Everything he predicted is coming to pass before our very eyes. Since he was one of the ones involved in putting the plan into action (and you are right when you point out that what we have seen may not be all, that there is more),he knew what he was talking about.
    And for that very same reason, he knew how to counteract it.
    He can answer all your questions, even from beyond the grave (he died decades ago). First check out his bio in Wikipedia. Then go to youtube and check out his interview with the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). All your questions will be answered there. Most of the interview (if you want to see the whole thing) is a long droning affair where he establishes his background and credentials. The eye-opener is where he describes the plan. The plan is described here, for part 1 on the youtube search box type:
    For part 2 type:
    All of your questions about what is happening are answered there. ALL OF THEM. Please watch these two videos. They helped me understand, and changed my life.

  • rjschwarz

    Looking to do all that on the Europeans dime as well.

  • gacl


  • gacl

    I can understand Christian nations of Europe providing refuge to Christians who have been aggressively persecuted in the Middle East, but Sunni Muslims?

    From here:

    A real Kuwaiti official, says regarding Syrian refugees, “In the end it is not right for us to accept a people that are different from us.” Kuwait is a Sunni nation! It’s not right for Kuwait to accept fellow Sunni Muslims because they are too different?!? But Germany and England are supposed to accept hundreds of thousands? This is like a big joke!?!

    Qatar and UAE are also Sunni Muslim and they are filthy rich. Qatar is building World Cup facilities for over $260 __billion__ dollars!?!? They are close to Syria, no seas to cross, and they don’t want any fellow Sunni muslims. They import Indians and Asians for cheap labor. Why doesn’t the media call them xenophobic?

    Saudi Arabia is stable, it is sparsely populated with a density of 12.3 people/km^2. Germany has a density of 226 people/km^2. Saudi Arabia is a Sunni nation. They are hiring German engineering firms to build high tech border fences to stop Muslim refugees from entering. Even their own newspaper runs cartoons joking about this.

    And Muslim “refugees” from Turkey? I’m sympathetic that people in Turkey want to move to richer countries with more opportunity, but they aren’t fleeing war.

  • xsnake
  • xsnake
  • MrNishida

    Isis is now bragging that they have been able to smuggle over 4,000 trained fighters disguised as refugees into Europe, in this flood of people.
    Things could get very ‘interesting’ real fast.

  • MrNishida

    Because they are not ‘refugees’- they are invaders.
    Isis is now bragging that they have been able to smuggle 4,000 fighters into Europe using this flood of people. That is just the fighters, if you count the sympathizers, I am sure the number is far higher than that.
    This is an invading force- no more, no less.
    The touchy-feelie politicians in the EU believe they can control them and use them for their own purposes.
    They will be shocked when they find out these people cannot and will not be controlled.
    European politicians have lost their minds. And sometime soon, they will lose their heads.

  • RageHard84

    If what you say is true, then the EU leaders need to be more cautious about who they let in. Something I don’t like about the whole situation is that Israel and the West are somehow “obligated” to take them in, but not other Muslim nations.

  • Daniel O’Brien

    What are the “refugees” yelling about the water and supplied being offered? What’s the reasoning behind rejecting the supplies?

  • MrNishida

    This is all planned. The goal is to de-stabilize Western society, then institute a dictatorship in order to end the chaos (please read my comment to Richard Saunders above).
    What the elites do not understand, because they are basically atheists, is that what motivates them (money, power) is completely different than what motivates the Islamists (misguided, radical religious fervor). The Islamists do not care about money or power, they only care about imposing their religion by the sword. And they do not fear death, because they believe that death in the service of Allah guarantees their entrance to Heaven. Being atheists, the Elites cannot understand that kind of motivation, and are completely underestimating them. The elites will not be able to control them. The entire planet, not just Europe, will suffer because of what the elites are doing in order to try to achieve total power- unleashing a horde of bloodthirsty barbarians on the planet.
    Our only consolation is the fact that, if the civilized societies fall because of this, the barbarians will make sure that the elites are the first ones to lose their heads.

  • MrNishida

    The boxes the bottled water came in had the Red Cross symbol on them.
    So much for the idea of ‘integration’ and ‘multiculturalism’.
    These people are not interested in any of that.
    These people are an invading barbarian horde, and the European elites are fostering this in order to further their own plan. But it will not work out as the elites expect.
    This will end badly for everyone involved.

  • RageHard84

    The elites want them here…for what? Do they think they can get their votes? Are they married to an agenda? I would think they’re getting something out of the whole deal. But you’re right that perhaps they’re underestimating these guys.

  • Edward_Teach

    These people must be sent back to their homeland. Who would have ever thought that Europe would take it hook line and sinker, muslims running from islam is absurd.