How Mainstream Media and Social Media Present COMPLETELY Different Views Of Syrian Immigrant Crisis

The “Great Replacement” has begun, and social media is showing what the “refugees” from Syria are really all about.

Watch below:

WOW. You’d think that “refugees” of an awful Muslim civil war would be grateful for free food and water donations, right? Unless there’s something much more insidious going on.

But you wouldn’t know it from media coverage:

They’re just poor families!! Mostly women and children!! No, wait.. wait.. uhm…

Huh. Weird. That’s a lot like how we were told the “unaccompanied minors” coming over our border were all tiny children, when it turned out they were teenagers.

And there’s always white guilt liberals everywhere to applaud:

Enjoy that shariah, Nickeldorks.

“Free hugs, welfare, and underage white girls for your prostitution rings!!!”

Now look, I’m not saying the two migration movements are orchestrated and controlled – I’m just saying the media is lying to us about what it’s really composed of. But social media is showing us the truth.

Now spread the truth by tweeting and facebooking, my flying monkeys! GO!!

[h/t WeezyZephyrs]

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