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Buzzfeed Got 3 Cop-Hating Libs To Wear A Cop’s Uniform And You Can Totally Believe What Happened Next

Full disclosure: I hate this video with the undying fire of a thousand suns. Buzzfeed seems to be going on an all out liberal assault on reality and common sense. First with it’s idiotic anti-Christian “Christian” video, and now with this pathetic piece of vapid tripe that is supposed to be just a bunch of regular guys putting on a cop uniform.

But it takes about ten seconds to realize they picked up a bunch of cop-hating liberals who, shockingly, didn’t like wearing the authoritarian garb of “jerk” cops – their words, not mine.

Watch the unbearable stupidity if you can, below:

How is this anything but anti-cop propaganda? These guys are in no way representative of the general population. Most guys I know would think it’d be bad ass to dress like a cop!! I’d be like, “hell yeah can I get a bigger gun?!?!”

But no, these idiots whine and bitch throughout the whole ordeal as if they were being water-boarded.

And yet I wonder who they’d call when their iPhone 6plus with the Starbucks limited edition cell cover is stolen by some crackhead thug? Is it the Buzzfeed editors? Yeah, kinda doubt it. Pendejos.

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  • Kelly Zat

    What a bunch of assholes.

  • RobertGo

    they’re not beefed up or in shape.

  • Donna

    Wallet, keys, phone, is too much stress for this guy?! ‘Fashion sensibility’?
    Where did Buzz Feed find these morons?

  • These clowns can kiss this veterans wrinkled old ass. Those of us who have, and are today, wear the uniform take pride in the fact that we can. Protecting our country or our neighborhoods, it does not matter, the uniform people wear shows their dedication to service to their fellow Americans. Something assholes like these Buzzfeed clowns will never understand because they don’t have the balls to wear one of those uniforms themselves.

  • It isn’t hard. Look around any university that gives away liberal arts degrees and you will see thousands of them.

  • lucym

    I think these actors might try some other costumes, it was disrespectful and stupid.

  • JasonJones

    Who wants to be a scumbag cop?

  • JasonJones

    Yes, unless you study engineering, or law you’re worthless! Lol!


    God Bless you Sir. And Thank-you.


    No. Because we are raising a bunch of Girlie Man Liberals….just look at our “Prezy” ain’t he “cool”?

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  • Les Morpions

    Effete pantywaists don’t even know how to carry themselves as a man, much less a cop.