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Conservative Legend Thomas Sowell Names TWO GOP Candidates He Likes!

There are few conservative figures I respect and honor as much as Thomas Sowell, who has lived an incredible life and defended the tenets of conservatism for decades longer than most have been alive.

And tonight on the Hannity show, he outlined the two GOP candidates he thinks are the more worth of the office.

Watch below (his comments come at the very end of the segment):


Wow! Both of his picks aren’t doing very well in polling, and I’m surprised that Ted Cruz wasn’t one of them. I really wish Hannity had let him talk more about why he chose those particular candidates. It really sounded to me like he cut him off when he was about to explain why he chose those two – is it a coincidence Hannity is a yuge Trump backer?

Full Disclosure: I made Thomas Sowell Laugh. 

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  • Snorkdoodle Whizbang

    I think that Dr. Sowell falls into the ‘Governors make better Presidents’ camp. Hence his nod towards Walker and Jendall and no mention of Cruz. Personally I don’t think having been a Governor makes for a better President. For every good Gov/Pres you can easily find a bad one, so its pretty much a wash in my mind.

  • pathfinder

    Have to say, I do agree with Sowell on Jindal. I would vote for him. Is he perfect? No, but there is no such thing. He aligns more with what I want — wish he would catch fire a little bit.

  • Mu Shi Christensen

    Should’ve warned us that we first had to listen to those three race hustlers.

  • Kelly Zat

    I like Walker, unfortunately he comes off as the Walkerbot 3000. He needs to save his campaign quickly. Hopefully he does well in the next debate.

  • I looks like a hard break, so Dr. Sowell could not expand on why he likes Walker and Jindall. He is right on reasoning (I have no problem with either one of his picks on substance or records as governors), but unfortunately his picks are not terribly good at national campaigning. I wish them well but…well it is up to them to turn things around.

  • His point that they have been good governors. It is not like he mentioned Kris Kristykreme

  • Hank Scorpio

    I like both Walker and Jindal. At this point, my primary vote would likely go to the one with the best shot at carrying the state on primary day.

    Long way to go, tho. I’m keeping my eye on others in the field, too. It is a strong, deep pool of conservative candidates. It’s imperative that the conservative voting block unites to keep out the RINOs. I hope it happens.

  • irkcls

    So, it seems no on cares about being a natural born citizen as president, anymore? Go vote jindal cruz rubio. That should be great! Because voting for a NBC is waysist and a biggolty.

    My last visit. Vote for your cruz. NBCs suck, right?