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We’ve Been HAD!! Muslim Kid Definitely Didn’t Make That Clock!


This story has been so annoying I’ve been mostly ignoring it, and while I’m generally not about conspiracy theories, this is… kinda weird.

So Ahmed has been invited to the White House and become an intern for Twitter because the media says evil racist cops and teachers arrested him for innocently bringing an invention, a clock, to his classroom. It’s Islamophobia!!!

But wait… what if… he didn’t actually build any clock?!

Here’s a good video explanation of the problem with the clock:

From AV Artvoice Blog:

I’m an electronics geek. I was interested in the clock! I wanted to figure out what he had come up with.

I found the highest resolution photograph of the clock I could. Instantly, I was disappointed. Somewhere in all of this – there has indeed been a hoax. Ahmed Mohamed didn’t invent his own alarm clock. He didn’t even build a clock. Now, before I go on and get accused of attacking a 14 year old kid who’s already been through enough, let me explain my purpose. I don’t want to just dissect the clock. I want to dissect our reaction as a society to the situation. Part of that is the knee-jerk responses we’re all so quick to make without facts. So, before you scroll down and leave me angry comments, please continue to the end (or not – prove my point, and miss the point, entirely!)

For starters, one glance at the printed circuit board in the photo, and I knew we were looking at mid-to-late 1970s vintage electronics. Surely you’ve seen a modern circuit board, with metallic traces leading all over to the various components like an electronic spider’s web. You’ll notice right away the highly accurate spacing, straightness of the lines, consistency of the patterns. That’s because we design things on computers nowadays, and computers assist in routing these lines. Take a look at the board in Ahmed’s clock. It almost looks hand-drawn, right? That’s because it probably was. Computer aided design was in its infancy in the 70s. This is how simple, low cost items (like an alarm clock) were designed. Today, even a budding beginner is going to get some computer aided assistance – in fact they’ll probably start there, learning by simulating designs before building them.

Now, the blogger continues to show that basically what Ahmed did is buy an old clock, rip out it’s insides, stuff it into another box, and take off to school.

So I turned to eBay, searching for vintage alarm clocks. It only took a minute to locate Ahmed’s clock. See this eBay listing, up at the time of this writing. Amhed’s clock was invented, and built, by Micronta, a Radio Shack subsidary. Catalog number 63 756.


The shape and design is a dead give away. The large screen. The buttons on the front laid out horizontally would have been on a separate board – a large snooze button, four control buttons, and two switches to turn the alarm on and off, and choose two brightness levels. A second board inside would have contained the actual “brains” of the unit. The clock features a 9v battery back-up, and a switch on the rear allows the owner to choose between 12 and 24 hour time. (Features like a battery back-up, and a 24 hour time selection seems awful superfluous for a hobby project, don’t you think?) Oh, and about that “M” logo on the circuit board mentioned above? Micronta.

Sooooo…. what happened here? The blogger draws some conclusions:

So there you have it folks, Ahmed Mohamad did not invent, nor build a clock. He took apart an existing clock, and transplanted the guts into a pencil box, and claimed it was his own creation. It all seems really fishy to me.

If we accept the story about “inventing” an alarm clock is made up, as I think I’ve made a pretty good case for, it’s fair to wonder what other parts of the story might be made up, not reported factually by the media, or at least, exaggerated.

I refer back again to this YouTube video interview with Ahmed. He explains that he closed up the box with a piece of cord because he didn’t want it to look suspicious. I’m curious, why would “looking suspicious” have even crossed his mind before this whole event unfolded, if he was truly showing off a hobby project, something so innocuous as an alarm clock. Why did he choose a pencil box, one that looks like a miniature briefcase no less, as an enclosure for a clock? It’s awful hard to see the clock with the case closed. On the other hand, with the case open, it’s awful dangerous to have an exposed power transformer sitting near the snooze button (unless, perhaps his invention was to stop serial-snooze-button pressers by giving them a dangerous electrical shock!)

Now I think it’s a real leap in logic to believe this was all an elaborate CAIR planned hoax. They would have done it better if it was. What it seems like is this dumb kid did this as a joke, got caught, and it was taken WAYY too far, and the easiest way to get out of it was to claim racism, or Islamophobia.

And the proof of this is that he really didn’t invent the clock.

Also Obama is an idiot. 

‘We Got a Problem In This Country, It’s Called MUSLIMS. We Know Our President Is One!’ – Question to Trump

  • DJ Cross

    Fuck this Moslim scumbag kid & his family.
    The truth WILL come out.
    This is AL ABOUT MONEY!

  • theGOONIES

    His father is an activist……the Obama community agitator type

  • Michael Onoo

    Looking for a ghetto lottery…dad is political and running for office.

  • BillK

    Rags belong in the trash, be they old or new.

  • Well, he just saved MIT a shyteload of embarrasment. Imagine this kid in the lab? Great find, Soop.

  • 1911HeadBanger

    His Dad is an Attorney who has done work for CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. He has also participated in mock trials of infidels lie the Florida Preacher who burned the Koran a few years back. Terry Jones I think was his name. The Dad is a known Muslim Activist. It’s got his name written all over it in my opinion.

  • CAIR WAS behind this !!

  • Gerald

    It figures. The muslims have never invented anything. Zero. Oops that was a Hindu invention including the number system. Heck the koran is a plagiarism of the Torah and the Bible.

  • thanks!

  • Leo60

    The Kid built a Suitcase Clock(bomb). Big Deal, So has his father , I’m sure.

  • Matthew W

    So the Lib cause clebe du jour is a fraud. SO WHAT??? The meme is now in the public for low information people to spread.

  • wizdude21

    this guy has a jew nose, can’t really take his word for it, a lot of jews are muslim haters

  • Mavis Moore

    I don’t disagree with your analysis of the “clock”. In the original information (before it was hyped) the kid didn’t say he had invented a clock, but had ” made it by putting together a clock in about 20 minutes in his bedroom to show his Tech teacher”. Same information was that his Tech teacher did see it. Apparently said don’t show it around to other teachers, but didn’t counsel him on having a transformer loose (held by two wires) and the inherent dangers of it coming loose, or even partially loose and shorting out or any other guidance about what constitutes “making” something. And it was the school that called the cops. Obviously none of the adults thought it was a bomb, because no protocols were implemented (like calling the fire department). It has taken on the religious/racial overtones because it makes more news. I think putting him in handcuffs was a little heavy handed, but I wasn’t there. Kid may have what it takes to be an engineer, who knows. But I carry my kindle in a case just like this and I am allowed to bring it into a courthouse or public building by just opening it. But I am old and grey and a grandmother. We need to lighten up.

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  • John Manly

    In response to President Obama’s public invitation to the White House to Mohamed, Allen West posed a question yesterday, “How many children of slain law enforcement officers has President Obama invited to the White House?”

  • Kelly Zat

    Okay, am I the only person who says you can’t invent anything that’s already been invented? We’ve had shitty looking alarm clocks with giant numbers for decades so why is this even a story? Because some kid put together parts in a pencil box? Big deal. You didn’t invent crap, kid. You did a project and a crap one at that. Get something in this century if you’re going to do a decent ‘invention’/hoax. Though that’s the point. Modern clocks couldn’t be mistaken for a bomb. I think I’ll go invent the wheel or fire now.

  • Richard Saunders

    This could be a sub-plot of the series 24.

    Remember the season with the evil Muslim family?

    Where is Jack Bauer when you need him?

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  • DJ Cross

    This was a setup by his father…the father had to know that taking this “clock” to school would cause chaos..(this looked more like a bomb than a clock..just look at the picture)…turns out he didn’t invent it at all…I really believe in my heart that this child was used to carry out a purpose by the father…now there are lawyers involved…so they are looking for money and I hope they get nothing…the school was right to be concerned for the other students safety…and I thank them.. Ahmed wouldn’t answer the police questions so they had every right to arrest him…he only started talking to them at the police station…The father asked the daughter to take a picture of Ahmed in handcuffs…so put the puzzle together…and it fits into a conspiracy created by a parent…They should get no money at all for this… and I am ashamed of Obama for putting himself in the middle of it all and Hillary sending him an email…and Facebook owner for saying he wants to meet him…and even NASA for inviting him to come there…this has turned into a circus…