Obama Invites Muslim Kid To Show Him Ticking Clock Device, White House Immediately Goes Into Lockdown

OK, so everyone is freaking out about Ahmed today. Liberals are screaming that it’s never suspicious that a Muslim kid might have a bomb-looking clock, and right-wing extremists are screaming that all Muslims should be beaten with clocks.

Here’s my position:

On the other hand, Obama knows immediately that the kid is innocent, even though it usually takes him days to read about world events in the newspaper before he can say, “I’d rather not comment as the investigation continues.”

Hey thanks, idiot-in-chief. I wonder if he’ll let every dude named Ahmed waltz into the White House without Secret Service background checks to show him ticking devices.

Oh wait, maybe he did!!

C’mon dude, call ahead. Sheesh.

There are all sorts of videos and stuff at the Right Scoop if you wanna know more about Ahmed’s ticking clock-not-bomb.

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