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WATCH An ARMY Of Young Muslim Males MARCH Through Tiny Slovenia On Their Way To Germany!

The Muslim invasion of Europe continues after Germany threw open its arms and welcomed in whatever “Syrian refugees” could illegally make their way up there.

Here’s a video from the tiny country of Slovenia, where the migrants are being pushed through after Hungary closed its borders:

Putzfeed has some pictures from the march, showing what the United Nations has already confirmed – they’re mostly male with very few women and very few children:

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Photo: Srdjan Zivulovic / Reuters

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Photo: Srdjan Zivulovic / Reuters


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Photo: Srdjan Zivulovic / Reuters

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Photo: Srdjan Zivulovic / Reuters

More from Reuters:

Between 1,500 and 2,500 migrants will spend Tuesday night at the Berkasovo-Bapska border crossing between Serbia and Croatia, some of them sleeping on the ground covered with blankets, the U.N. refugee agency (UNHCR) said.

Slovenia meanwhile is to ask the European Union to send additional police forces to its border with Croatia to help it deal with thousands of migrants streaming into the tiny country on their way to Austria and beyond.

Attempts by Slovenia to stem the flow of migrants since Hungary sealed its border with Croatia on Friday have triggered a knock-on effect through the Balkans, with thousands held up at border crossings.

About 19,500 migrants have entered Slovenia since Friday, the Interior Ministry said, creating bottlenecks as migrants attempted to find new routes through the region.

Slovenian authorities said some 6,000 migrants will stay in Slovenia but all of them will be sheltered in refugee camps.

At least 12,100 migrants were currently in Serbia, the prime minister said on Tuesday.

About 6,000 migrants had entered Austria from Slovenia on Tuesday, a police spokesman in Styria province said. About 3,000 had arrived on Monday.

“We need fast assistance of the European Union,” Slovenian President Borut Pahor told a news conference in Brussels after meeting European Council President Donald Tusk and EU chief executive Jean-Claude Juncker.

“Slovenia will formally ask for additional police forces to guard the border between Slovenia and Croatia and for financial help,” he said.

In the last two days, the former Yugoslav republic has deployed 140 soldiers to the border to assist the police, Interior Secretary of State Bostjan Sefic told reporters.

And don’t forget – because those hosers in Canada voted for some pot-smoking liberal to be their Prime Minister, we’re gonna have 25,000 Syrian refugees literally airlifted to our northern border within the next two months!!

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  • RageHard84

    Where the refugee women at?

  • Kelly Zat

    Europe is determined to commit cultural and financial suicide all for some labor force gain that will never materialize.

  • Cody

    Invasion. Aided and abetted by the very nations being invaded. Suicide.

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  • pathfinder

    Once again, for anything wondering what the H Merkel was thinking, follow the money: Saudi is dumping gas in Europe at low prices. As a betting man I’d take better than even that certain EU bigwigs have had their palms greased just as much as their arms twisted, probably by more than one player.
    And yes, we’re going to get the same thing too — but ours has already started through our “institutes of higher learning”. Probably won’t stay that way though.


    I’m from the Slovenia that month coming 300.000 new muslims….katastrofa. the biggest city in Slovenia is now not a Ljubljan it is Muslimcity…Bravo and super thanks go, to our brain damage liberal goverment.


    Those man have leave their wife and childern in Siria tu sufrer and die…he did just 3x say to his wife I divorse you….for muslim law is that enought.

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