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Colleague Of #Mizzou Prof Who Threatened Journalists Defends Her, Then Shuts Down Twitter Account

If you haven’t seen the weirdly totalitarian attempt by a communications prof Melissa Click to shut down a reporter from attending their “safe space” on a public area of the University of Missouri, you can see it here. Then come back and read the tweets from her colleague and friend who defends her, and then shuts down her Twitter too:

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But through the magic of the internet, and a mole that I had planted close to Amanda years back to gain her confidence and snap pics of her tweets, I have a mexclusive look at her defense of Melissa Click’s fascist actions:

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And then that was it. She protected her tweets. Apparently she couldn’t take the criticism from everyone who has eyes and common sense.

As for Melissa Click, she has just been let go from her position, so she’ll have to go somewhere else to indoctrinate kids into her view of totalitarian leftism. I hear North Korea is nice this time of year.

[h/t to Cornucopia Heddings]

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  • Daddio

    Yeah, whatever…she’s got a big ass.

  • JoaquinSpandex™

    What miserable little twit. Talk about being a hypocrite. What about the jobs and lives ruined already by a complete LIE? There’s video proof of the whackjob ‘professor’ being an asshole, there’s nothing there for the race-baters.

  • John

    Eye’s should be mept on this Tango

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  • Waaa, waaa, waaa. One dimbulb trying to defend another dimbulb. This Click broad screwed up so she is having to face up to her mistake, something the children attending Mizzou have never had to do.