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Rand Paul: Marco Rubio’s Plan Will Give MORE Handouts To Illegal Aliens!

Rand Paul tried to answer the charge that he’s an isolationist made by Marco Rubio at the last GOP debate, but all he could muster is that Marco isn’t a fiscal conservative.

Watch below:

I think Paul has a point about what it means to be a fiscal conservative, but it doesn’t help dispose the accusation that he’s an isolationist if he doesn’t actually answer the question.

Even so, the charge he makes that Rubio’s proposed programs would mean more handouts to illegal aliens is sure to play well with the conservative base in the primaries. I would expect that if Trump sees this he’ll take it up as a cudgel to beat Rubio down with as well.

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  • yesseriously

    He has a point about tax credits which Trump has not at all articulated well. It would be quite effective in the primary and the general.

    However, he is an isolationist. This would have played well in 2008 but we’ve all seen the fruits of poorly thought out isolationist policies with the Obama administration and unfortunately Rand sounds a bit too much like our friend BHO.

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