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Trump Says He Would ‘Certainly Implement’ A National Datebase For Muslims, Then Says He Wouldn’t Maybe…

El Trumpo told a reporter that he would make Muslims register in a national database, and a lot of people are criticizing him for it.

Watch below:

He had earlier said that he would consider shutting down some Mosques, but registering Muslims seems a tiny bit much, don’tcha think?

That’s what some on Fox News thought anyway, as they compared it to the Nazis making Jews wear a yellow star of David patch.

But then later, his campaign seemed to say that he didn’t actually say he’d “certainly implement” something like a Muslim database:

Those answers seemed at odds with a follow-up question from CNN’s Sara Murray in Newton. When Murray asked whether Trump would rule out a database for Muslims, he said he didn’t “know where you heard that.”

“Yahoo News asked you about it, you didn’t rule it out,” Murray said as Trump worked a ropeline after the event.

“No, I never — I never responded to that question,” Trump said.

“So would you not support it?” Murray asked.

“I never responded to that question, Sara,” Trump said.

He added that he didn’t “know who wrote it,” referring to the Yahoo News article, and declined to answer a follow-up question from Murray about whether he would “support something like that,” referring to a Muslim database. He also declined to respond when Murray asked “what’s your view of it?” as he continued down the ropeline.

His spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said Friday on Fox Business that Trump “is just saying he won’t rule anything out.”

“Those are a reporters’ words and now everyone is saying it’s all Trump. He’s simply saying he won’t take anything off the table,” Pierson said.

He added this on Twitter:

Is it me or is that video not obvious about what he’s saying? A lot of people have come out in support of the Donald, but it just sounds to me like he let his mouth run off again….

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  • Marla Hughes

    Of course he did. He’s doing the typical back tracking he does. First, over the top response and then backtrack when he gets called out on it.

  • Lou Hodges

    I’ve never said it, it was a hit piece

  • Lou Hodges

    It was a hit piece, he never said anything of the sort

  • Marla Hughes

    First video he’s saying it.

  • Lou Hodges

    Where’s the video? I heard the press conference where he rebutted the hit piece.

  • loy

    trump is the only one who can make america great again…

  • Marla Hughes

    First video on Sooper’s page.

  • Lou Hodges

    Sooper got it wrong. I saw that too. He didn’t do an update.

  • Marla Hughes

    Sooper isn’t doing an update saying he got it wrong because he didn’t. I watched the video and Trump didn’t just say it, he doubled down on it and got descriptive.