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Hey Dodge, Your ‘Hunger Games’ Commercial Is Insultingly Stupid

I just realized how stupid this line is in the new Dodge Ram commercial that tries to tie-in to the “Hunger Games” hysteria among pre-teen girls. Because that’s their key market target.


I mean it’s kinda cool that they’re “saluting” hard work, but how the hell do you tie that in to fictional characters from a movie based on a book sold to girls?

I’m thinking specifically of this line:

What’s the intent here? Are men gonna look at that commercial and say, “damn, Katniss Everdeen is just like me, a hard worker. I think I’m gonna go git myself a truck. And watch that movie in it.”

The rest of the internet seemed to agree with me:

Since Obama was elected? People are forced to salute him, right?

Even this incontinent loudmouth thought the same:

C’mon Dodge Ram, get your $#&t together. We don’t expect your capitalist ventures to be terribly original, but at least have them not insult our intelligence.

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  • Pat

    Dodge wouldn’t pay millions of dollars for a commercial without doing their homework. The psychology here seems to be that a large number of people can’t discern reality from fantasy and they live their life vicariously through the movie characters. Dodge is trying to connect with these “people” and make a sale. This condition is probably a side effect of the current psychosis in our country brought on by the indoctrination of liberalism from cradle to grave. You can see this psychosis on college campuses, in our foreign policies, in immigration policies, etc. This country is a basket case!!! Don’t criticize Dodge for wanting to make a buck. Look deeper, and peer into the dark and cold reality of what liberalism hath wrought!!!

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  • gastorgrab

    The marketing was directed at Progressives.

    They prefer ‘straw men’ over real situations. Their villains are never as black and white in real life as they are in the movies.

  • Me

    And Hunger Games is a series of insultingly stupid movies….

    Insipid novels, too.

  • Cotex

    I’ve never understood what they were thinking in premise (“you know…there is a lot of commonality with hunger games fans and truck buyers (or car buyers period for that matter)….we should do a tie-in/cross-promotion!”) or in execution (“people like it when you salute heroes….soldiers, police, farmers…..so we will salute the heroes of this movie!”). I guess this is what happens when you are owned by Italians….things get lost in cultural translation.