Barbara Boxer Says Gun Control WORKED In California After Worst Mass Terror Attack Since Newtown!!

Babs Boxer, the Senator of all morons in California,* must have gotten jealous that everyone laughed at Obama for saying that mass gun attacks only happen in America while standing in Paris after their attacks, because she came out with this doozy today:

YES!! This unbelievably brainless harpy literally stood at a podium not more than 24 hours after the worst gun attack in America since NEWTOWN, and told the world that California’s gun laws are working!!!

This is like Angela Merkel saying, “y’know we really have a pretty decent history of not attempting to genocide peoples!”

But hey, it’s California, if more than 50% of the citizens weren’t complete morons,* then we wouldn’t have these absurdly stupid liberals at the top of the goverment.

*as a California native let me reassure you, not all of us are stupid liberals.
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