Absurd: Cornell University’s Rules Force Students To Have A Politically Correct ‘Holidays’

Cornell University is making a leap into a brave new world with its new rules that ban students from having anything other than a politically correct Christmas.

Check it out:

cornell holidays

Here’s an explanation of the ban on Christmas:

“University members are reminded to be respectful of the religious diversity of our students and colleagues and are encouraged to use an inclusive approach in celebrating the holiday season,” the document says. Students are encouraged to be more “diverse” by either focusing on winter instead of Christmas or by including decorations for multiple holidays alongside secular decorations.

The university then rattles off a list of decorations that are “NOT consistent” with the school’s “commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.” The discouraged decorations include the following:

-Nativity scenes




-Stars (when placed on top of trees)


-Stars of David

While the religious connotations of nativity scenes or Stars of David is rather obvious, it’s not clear why mistletoe is considered as possibly offensive.

The schools says that holly, Santa Clauses, and wreaths might be acceptable decorations, but only after “dialogue within [a] living unit or area” to ensure nobody is offended.

I don’t even think this is outrage-worthy, it’s just kinda lame and pathetic. Are our students so meek and afraid of reality that they can’t deal with mistletoe or Santa Claus?! Ridiculous.

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