Watch Trump Campaign Manager DENY To Bewildered CNN Hosts What Trump LITERALLY Said

I saw this this morning and just loved this exchange between two bewildered CNN hosts and the master of Trumpovian public relations, Cory Lewandowski, who encounters a very difficult question about Trump and employs the brilliant secret Jedi mind trick of “denying that reality exists.”

Watch below!!!

A longer version of the video is posted at the right scooooop!

I have to admire the pitbull-like rhetorical skills of Lewandowski who just barks out, “will you let me answer the question?!” as he completely ignores answering the question. You can see the quiet resignation of the hosts and it really is a thing of beauty.

The full quote of el Trumpo saying we have to be a “little establishment” is posted here, but really, what does it matter? Reality doesn’t exist as long as you’re defending el Trumpo, our once and future emperor.

OH I almost forgot!!! If you think I’m joking that this is a Trumptastic tactic employed by the Donald’s spokes-geniuses, check out Jake Tapper’s reaction to Mike Cohen also denying reality:

Again, full video at the scoop.

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