Trump’s Only Retweet After The GOP Debate Just Happened To Be A Nazi Supporter!

It’s really odd… coincidental… how many times Donald Trump retweets Nazi sympathizers and white supremacists. This isn’t necessarily his fault. It’s just that he has so many white supremacist fans online that it’s tough NOT to retweet them!

Last night, the only retweet he posted was a very sweet sentiment about his father:

Almost made me tear up.

Oh wait. A simple search through this account’s images finds this pro-Nazi imagery:

eustace bagge eustaceFash nazi trump

Aaaaaand he’s already deleted it. So weird! LOL!!

This isn’t the first time. He’s retweeted and deleted some, but he’s also retweeted neo-nazi racists and kept them up!!

How many white supremacists have to be among your followers that you can’t avoid retweeting them?!? Or maybe it’s not an accident… at all!!! *cue sinister music*

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