There’s a YUGE Problem With This Photo Of A Black Family Of Supporters That Trump Tweeted…

Here we go again with the lyin’ Donald being scammed by his own lyin’ Twitter users. In the frenzy to conjure up fake supporters, someone photoshopped an image of a black family as if they were Trumpers, and then the Donald retweeted it.

Here’s the tweet, but the image is missing because the original dude deleted the tweet when his fraud was found discovered:


Here’s the image of the tweet before he deleted the picture:


Except there’s a YUGE problem – that black family does NOT support Trump. A Trump supporter just plucked their image from google and planted it on their meme, since apparently they can’t find a pic of Trump supporters who are actually black!

Buzzfeed was able to find the family and talk to them:

The picture was not taken at a Trump rally, but rather at a black family reunion in Cincinnati last year.

…BuzzFeed News can reveal the parents in the photograph, pictured at right, are Eddie and Vanessa Perry — and they are not endorsing or publicly supporting any political candidate during the 2016 election.

Eddie Perry, who lives in Cincinnati, told BuzzFeed News his family has previously attended several of the Midwest Black Family Reunion Events and he remembers having his photograph taken last year. “It was no big deal,” he said.

On Saturday morning, however, a friend texted him a screenshot of Trump’s tweet. “When I saw it, I immediately knew it was political propaganda,” he said.

“Why use it without asking for someone’s permission?” he asked. “Why use our image without asking?”

The other people in the picture are friends of the family, Perry said.

Just another peek behind the smoke and mirror scam that Donald Trump is pulling on the American people.