Black Law Prof Attacked By Blacks For Rationally Discussing Alton Sterling Case On CNN

ERRYBODY goin’ crazy over this video put out by CNN – you can definitely tell which debater here is the rational one, because CNN has cut her response in order to just capture the irrational response by her interlocutor.

Watch below

Basically, a loud angry black woman is taken to have a better argument just because she’s a loud angry black woman who is yelling about racism.

Here’s the deal – she committed a classic “strawman fallacy” here. Carol Swain said that Alton Sterling might have resisted arrest based on his past criminal record – which is extensive. This idiot says that the cops didn’t know his extensive criminal record so it has nothing to do with the case. but that’s not what Carol Swain said. She didn’t say that he was shot BECAUSE the police knew his criminal record, she said that it was more likely that he was resisting arrest BASED on his prior criminal record. And that substantiates what appears to be the police argument.

Further she says that just because he had a criminal record doesn’t mean that his life can be taken without cause – nobody said that, and nearly nobody believes that, EXCEPT the “Black Lives Matter” morons who believe all cops should die, ironically. Again, classic strawman fallacy of argumentation.

But these morons are too politically indoctrinated to think straight:

This is not how you judge disputes, idiot.

Yeah, because who wants to educated rationally, they just want to be indoctrinated to further a race war.

Then there’s this pendejo trying to prove he’s down for the struggle:

LOL!! OK gringo… now go down to the black parts of Cincinnati and call any black person a coon and let’s see what happens!!

Here’s advice for both sides – try thinking with your brain and not your skin pigment.

Carol Swain also says that “Black Lives Matter” is a Marxist organization that misleads black people – here’s a longer video of their interaction:

All she said is that we should wait until all the facts come in and NOT judge based purely on a video – and black activists are now questioning her credentials to teach law based on that. How utterly disgusting.

God bless people like Carol Swain who are willing to publicly defend what’s true even when a mob of idiots are going to attack her for it.

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