Scottie Hughes Says Trump ‘Sacrificed’ For The Country When He Divorced Wives After Cheating On Them

Scottie Nell Hughes did not disappoint in bringing the stupid to the Trump-Khan debate, as she said in this interview from the weekend that Donald Trump “sacrificed” his 2 marriages to make America better when he cheated on his wives for younger women.

Watch below:

She also, absurdly, said that every single other military family should be demanding that the Khans apologize for insulting Trump by asking him if he’s read the Constitution. Which, to be fair, is a reasonable question given how little he seems to care for its provisions. Apparently it’s treasonous in Trumpmerica to point out exactly what everyone thinks about Trump.

You can always count on Scottie Nell Hughes to bring the IQ level down into negative territory whenever Trump blurts out something stupid they need to defend.

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