Trump Supporters Demand Vile Racist Be Un-Banned From Twitter

The Alt-Right scumbags are crying into their cheetos because a notoriously racist account, @Ricky_Vaughn99 has been banned from twitter:

And while they’re screaming “First Amendment” like idiots, more intelligent persons know this has nothing to do with freedom of speech, as that kind of censorship has to do with government shutting down speech, not a private company like Twitter. But morons gotta moron. Whether it’s fair to shut down this account and leave up others is another issue. But it’s definitely NOT a “first amendment” issue unless you believe that everyone has a right to free speech on your privately owned property. Good luck with that.

So here’s the crap that they’re defending now:


ricky vaughn

And THIS!!!


He’s so popular that Trump even retweeted him!

Hey Trump If You Renounce White Supremacists You Should Probably Delete This Tweet!

Well I certainly hope they get “Free Ricky” trending. I really want the Trump campaign to show that they are supportive of their most racist and degenerate alt-right scumbags. I’m sure Americans will rally behind him then, right?