Genetic Supremacy And Tribalism Over Egalitarianism: Why The Alt-Right Loves Trump

We’ve posted earlier on how the alt-right is philosophically opposed to the principles that most Americans identify as their own, and now the media is trying to connect Trump as much as possible with the execrable racist movement.

While there’s not a whole lot of substantial evidence he agrees with them, there’s a lot of reason to think his beliefs square exactly with theirs on human nature. Here’s a video laying out how he thinks:

I think the most damning quote is when he says that it’s not true that “all men are created equal.” Certainly some are smarter and some are more physically blessed than others. But that doesn’t mean we’re not equal in value in the eyes of God, since we all carry the image of God, as we’re told in Scripture. This understanding of human nature is the philosophical source of a lot of our conservative values, including those policies that depend on the dignity of every human being.

Does Trump believe anything even close to that?

I kinda doubt it since he seems to go out of his way to deny it, and he doesn’t have the religious understand most Christians have at all. He seems to think Christianity is about saying “Merry Christmas” in malls instead of asking forgiveness for our sins.

And the alt-right is completely in agreement with this “cultural Christianity” and rejection of the equality of human beings. They prefer a tribalistic point of view that leads them to reject race-mixing of any sort.

Here’s more from Trump that seems to fit more with the alt-right worldview than that of traditional conservative Christians:

That’s not to say that we reject the notion thatĀ there are physiological differences between people depending on their genes and background. But the alt-right says these are absolute castes that shows nature favors one race over the other, and should be the basis for segregation by race. I do believe we fought a bloody war to settle that issue. Twice!

Now let’s make this clear – Trump has said he rejects any of these racist groups. The media keep haranguing him about it because they’re trying to damage him, and by extension, conservatism. Anyone with a reasonable grasp of the actual principles of conservatism knows alt-right extremism is essentially opposed to it.