Absurdly Awkward Interview Of Pence Refusing To Answer Jake Tapper’s Simple Question

So either Mike Flynn’s son, who believes Hillary is running a child molestation ring at a pizza shop, was fired from the Trump transition team, but they’re denying he was ever on it, and also he has a transition email for no reason. It’s kinda complicated.

This morning when accosted about the absurd conspiracy theories Flynn Jr. was tweeting, Mike Pence said he had no involvement in the transition:


Really? We can’t even get a clear answer on that?

Mike Pence then went on Jake Tapper’s show and absurdly tried to ignore the questions put before him. But you know Jake ain’t putting up with that!! What ensued was an absurd sequence of deflections by the crinkly-eyed Pency:

Why did he have a transition email in the first place?

Here’s Joe Scarborough saying it’s absolutely “abhorrent” that the conspiracy-pusher is Flynn’s Chief of Staff, when he’s about to become the National Security Advisor for the most powerful man on Earth :

But then who knows what really happened? It’s TrumpMerica and whatever he says happened is what happened!!

At least now he’s free to peddle whatever insanely stupid conspiracy theories he wants:


Hashtag WINNING!!!

Here’s the entire Pence Tapper interview: