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Smug Liberal Journalists Are In Complete Meltdown Over John Ekdahl’s Simple Question

If you’re on Twitter, John Ekdahl is a great follow for unique and interesting insights on politics, but last night he inadvertently made liberals self-combust over one innocent question.

It was about pickup trucks.

And it really appears as if he wasn’t trying to mock or deride anyone, he was just trying to make a point about where the media gatekeepers reside, and how their cocoon makes them out of touch with regular Americans.

Here’s the question that made everyone go crazy:

Like, seriously, it’s not even combative or anything. But it doesn’t matter because journalists and liberals could sniff out that if they answered honestly they’d expose themselves and their safe space echo chambers, so they lashed out at Ekdahl in smug, self-righteous, condescending anger.

Which kinda proves his point, doesn’t it?

Here are some people freaking out who are very afraid of actually answering the very simple question:

Ekdahl answers, “yep, plenty.”

The automotive editor for Ars Technica compares truck owning to BEING A HEROIN ADDICT BECAUSE HE’S NOT SENSITIVE ABOUT IT AT ALL:

Pegoraro knows EXACTLY what Ekdahl is up to AND HE AIN’T HAVIN’ NONE OF IT:

John Corbett doesn’t need to know ANYONE who lives in a city with fewer than one million people in it, dammit. He’d be offended to meet one:

The New York Times’ John Schwartz was VERY OFFENDED that he had to answer, and of course, he knows that Ekdahl was saying he’s false American, even though he never actually said that:

“Demonized”!!! Sensitive snowflakes, aren’t they?!

That is a NONSENSE question that Buddy Whittenburg refuses to answer dammit!!!

This LA WEEKLY guy has to make it about race – liberals are literally unable to talk about anything without mentioning race:


For as little as I know Ekdahl personally, I have no doubt that he didn’t mean his question in a malicious way, but snowflake libs are terribly sensitive about their safe spaces.

Some actually completely missed his point, and then tried to wield the same point right back at him. There should be a word for this that is more specific than just “stupid”:

I can’t tell if this dude is a parody account, but he started whining about poverty or something:

OK, guy, that might be some point, but that’s not Ekdahl’s point and your freaking out kinda proves his point.

So, knowing poor people helps you, but not knowing flyover Americans doesn’t count for anything. Riiiight.

He admits that he is flipping out over a simple question:


Yes, idiot, that’s THE ENTIRE POINT!! LOL!!

Kinda sensitive huh?

They’re really angry. It’s weird.

Of course, the “stupidest man with a modem” Oliver Willis had to shove his three chins into the discussion with this obscenity attempting to be a hot take:

Uh, buying a truck is like beating your wife??!! No wonder they’re so afraid of trucks!!!

This guy freaked out bad in a long twitter rant:

It’s SLANDER to say someone doesn’t own a truck!!!

Evil!! EVIL!!!

How dare you not fawn over reporter’s unique snowflake experiences?! YOU MONSTER!!!

Ekdahl never said that once, but he probably meant that because he’s an evil right-winger.

You tweet from a throne of lies, Ekdahl!!!

Ekdahl closed out the night with this explosive retweet:

Owning a gun is worse than worshipping Satan and heiling Hitler to most journalists, so you know they’re not gonna answer that question!!

  • Frank

    As Larry the Cable Guy would say, “Now that was funny”. I guess “pickup truck” is code for get your panties in a twist and freak out. These people obviously have way too much time on their hands.

  • theGOONIES

    Lol. Liberals completely stepped up that that plate and woofed. Roflmao. Gotcha!!!

  • Deplorable Rican ☨ʳᵉᵈᵉᵉᵐᵉᵈ

    Geez these people are insane a melt down over a question about a pickup?

  • What this did was reveal the blind hatred journos have for middle America.

  • nifty

    We all live in the city how are we supposed to know anyone who owns a pickup truck and those that do are all meth heads….Love those comments. Same folks who believe pushing papers back and forth in those cities somehow accounts for something or is more important than the folks who plant the crops, mine the minerals and deliver that gas that keeps them warm in the winter.

  • Servite Omak

    LOL journolists are the craziest peeples

  • TrickleUpPolitics

    The libtards were so defensive because they understood the point of the question: it was a shorthand way of asking if they knew anyone who lives in flyover country. Since they don’t unless its their own family members, they do what libtards always do: name call.

  • Essentiallyok

    A book written and titled, ” How to Be Liberal and not Be a Twit” wouldn’t make the New York Times best sellers list.

  • SteveMGD

    BTW, you missed the point Oliver Willis was making. He wasn’t comparing trucks to beating your wife. He was saying that the questions were of the same type – the type which incriminates you no matter how you answer it.

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