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Texas Republican Demands CNN FIRE Jim Acosta for Being ‘Disrespectful’ to Trump

U.S. Rep. Randy Weber represents Texas’ 14th congressional district, the same one that Ron Paul hailed from, and I think the chem trails are affecting his tweeting.

He called for Jim Acosta to be FIRED for being “disrespectful” to President-elect Trump and to be banned from any future press conferences!

Darn straight!! We can’t have people talking back to our dear leader! What is this, North Korea?! I believe in Merica, apple pie, the military, and blind unyielding allegiance to the president!! Excuse me I need to go march to the pledge of Trumplegiance.

I give it a month before they start calling for executions of such treacherous actions, and I’ll be right there applauding, by gum!!!

  • Dannz

    Pathetic post. Imagine what you would say if Obama was on the receiving end of such arrogant behaviour.
    The biased liberal media would go berserk and call for the death penalty.

  • Nope. He’s an idiot too.

  • PursueJustice

    Better yet, if people would just stop listening or reading fake news from the Concocted News Network, it would just go away.

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  • hazmat-Latina4Trump

    How many times has the Leftist
    media called for the canning of anyone who disagrees with them?

    Let’s not go too far. How many times have the Leftists called for boycotts of Rush Limbaugh’s sponsors and advertisers? How many speaking engagements by Ann Coulter or Milo have been cancelled due to threats?

    IMO, one person calling for the firing of Acosta for being disrespectful to the PEOTUS is not as big a deal as the Left’s continued attacks on Free Speech on college campuses.