Texas Republican Demands CNN FIRE Jim Acosta for Being ‘Disrespectful’ to Trump

U.S. Rep. Randy Weber represents Texas’ 14th congressional district, the same one that Ron Paul hailed from, and I think the chem trails are affecting his tweeting.

He called for Jim Acosta to be FIRED for being “disrespectful” to President-elect Trump and to be banned from any future press conferences!

Darn straight!! We can’t have people talking back to our dear leader! What is this, North Korea?! I believe in Merica, apple pie, the military, and blind unyielding allegiance to the president!! Excuse me I need to go march to the pledge of Trumplegiance.

I give it a month before they start calling for executions of such treacherous actions, and I’ll be right there applauding, by gum!!!